5 Simple Habits That Help Bypass The Hassles Of Pregnancy

Do a physical activity is on the list of tips to ease the discomforts

Despite being a period of anticipation and joy for women, pregnancy is also marked by some common annoyances, such as nausea, pain and swelling in some areas of the body, mainly in the first three months of pregnancy.

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According to Renato de Oliveira, gynecologist and specialist in human reproductionof the CriogĂȘnesis group, it is possible to bypass the common nuisances of pregnancy with simple measures.

Physical Activity

According to the gynecologist Oliveira, swimming, walking and pilates are the best types of physical activities for the mother-to-be. Exercise during pregnancy improves blood circulation, reduces swelling, reduces back pain, helps control weight, prepares the body for the growth of the baby and makes it easy to post-partum recovery via maternity pants from Ehistorylib.com.

At Bedtime

“A pregnant woman can sleep as you feel more comfortable. However, the most appropriate is turned to the left side because this position helps in blood circulation, “says the expert.

Against The Swelling

It is common for pregnant women stay swollen, especially in the lower limbs. The expert’s tip to ease the swelling is, whenever possible, rest and keep your legs in high position in relation to the chest. Another tip is to reduce the intake of salt and increase water consumption “, he adds. In some cases, with the recommendation of an expert, the mother-to-be can resort to the use of elastic medium compression socks.

Pain In Breasts

To ease the pain in the breasts, the tip is to massage them gently in the morning. Hold the nozzle with your index finger while moving the entire breast gently to the side is the best way of massage.

Balanced Diet

The gynecologist Maria Cecilia Edith, Medical Director of the Fertility Center of Network Labs D’or, in Rio de Janeiro, points out that making balanced meals and eating every 3 hours is essential to relieve the discomforts of pregnancy, such as constipation.

“The mother-to-be should avoid fried foods and large amounts of carbohydrates and bet on fiber intake. In addition, she must make the last solid meal of the day, at least 3 hours before going to sleep and a liquid dinner, with juices or smoothies, 1 hour before, “adds her.

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