World Championship Cycling History

Waregem chasing a bit of time to get an extra cycle high today within its borders. It was going to be able to organize weilrennen World Cup 2002. International lobbying showed good store, but the political turnaround in Belgium in 1999 caused the soot in the food. The project of Kortrijk, which also hung on the anniversary of 700 years Guldensporenpark kind not found favor with the majority Purple who was brought to power… With the launch July 10, the longest stage of the Tour de France, a European Horse Parade and much more in 2007 must be a historic year for Waregem. In this respect, often resemblance to the year 1957, exactly half a century ago. Not without reason it is said that sometimes Waregem in 1957 was put on the world map. It was an exceptional year for sport with the Hippodrome ten International Cross Country Championships March 23, 1957 and the Grand Steeple-Chase of Flanders in August 27 1957. It became Stadium birth, was on Sunday, August 18, 1957 was the finish line is drawn for bike world championships for professional rider. Earlier, on 27 and April 28, 1957 still two days Cross was held by Belgium.


On July 10, 2007 will undoubtedly be remembered that glorious world championship August 18, 1957, when the measure was no spurt Rik Van Steenbergen, who won several bike lengths ahead of Louison Bobet and André Darrigade. Maybe it is not said is that this memorable sports events should have a follow-up of 13 October could 2002 Waregem Forward ago along with Kortrijk sporty leave the best documentation and had his organizational skills and lobbying from previous years, the international cycling fans are already convinced. World Cup would be held at the appropriate selective framework of his classic one-day race, which had already been baptized in anticipation of the World Cup in Dwars door Vlaanderen and as a starting point, the historic market town of Kortrijk.
The dioxin crisis and political change of government in 1999, the outlook was particularly favorable for Waregem repeating this exploit. Then there knows no objections from a political angle and the Flemish Minister-President Luc Van den Brande and Minister Luc Martens from Roeselare adapted the project to 700 years after the Battle of the Spurs, Kortrijk region in mid-cycle event in the world to take on the cast of the then planned advertising campaign for Flanders in 2002. the World Championship time trial course was a distinction between Waregem and Kortrijk. the dioxin crisis in 1999, the new lawsuit thus indirectly plummeted. Green Couple governments were rather reluctant Flemish provocative projects that can happen over the French-speaking minority in this country, although again the decisions have gone against him. With Prime Minister Patrick Dewael, his niece Marleen Vanderpoorten, current governor Robert Stevaert and Johan SAUWENS Limburg also had the upper hand in the Flemish government. In the end, but it had on cycling experience and selectivity circulatory stronger documentation had Waregem then hide subsidies reason to give in to Zolder, also in 2002, could organize the World Cup cyclocross.
The disappointment of Waregem forward and sport boats Georges Vantieghem was great, but we do not lose heart and they looked out of sports rehabilitation. The start of the third stage of the Tour de France is now there to continue. It was not easy to reach this bike event in Waregem, but this time the city was Gaver policies put nothing in the way, the other way around. Two years ago it was also the new Prime Minister Yves Leterme, who won Dwars door Vlaanderen came tribute.
The choice of Waregem was not really clear. There were candidates from Flanders of arrival and / or departure filed by Antwerp, Bilzen, Bruges, Deinze, Ghent, Heusden-Zolder, Knokke, Kortrijk, Mechelen, Middelkerke, Poperinge, Roeselare, Furnes, Vilvoorde and Waregem Werchter- Rotselaar. Eventually after the marked trail the cities of Bruges, Deinze, Ghent, Kortrijk, Middelkerke, Waregem and Roeselare on.
Obviously, President Ludwig Lefebvre, Germain Beirlaen and control of Waregem forward after the 2002 disappointment with a troubled heart the successive stages to the final decision is long overdue. Their dream and that many cycling enthusiasts from Waregem region is now becoming a reality. Undoubtedly Waregem have a lot of thanks to the friendship that team manager Jef Braeckevelt with the outgoing manager in Nordic tour. For the city, this means an exceptional opportunity for promotion, which apparently seized with both hands.