Women’s Scarves and Wraps

The shawl – perennial favorite for many occasions

The scarf has always been the most important items of clothing history. The long and narrow fabric cloths incidentally found its origin in Kashmir. There, scarves were knitted from the wool of the famous goats who were the inhabitants of the country over the shoulders or on the head. About three hundred years ago, the scarf found its way into our culture and is an integral part of elegant fashion since then. The scarves protect you against wind and cold.

Scarf or cloth – on material and cut

A scarf is now varied in many ways as vintage fashion. The different designs and continually used colors make the accessory to a flexible extra that stylishly completes your look. Here you get scarves and blankets today in different cuts that bring additional carrying options. The classic scarf is long, usually made of wool or other fabrics, which can be looped several times around the neck. Towels are usually square cut and can wear in many ways and combination. In contrast to the scarf, you can choose lightweight materials for blankets.

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