Women’s Leather Handbag

If you are the type who loves having bags in the closet to always complete the look, one style that can not miss is the women’s leather bag.Even with a huge variety of types of leather handbags, leather is always wild.

And if you are thinking of buying a new model of women’s leather handbag, or ideas of how to use a specific model, the post brings many inspirations and tips to hit the look and accessory!

Women’s Leather Case Models


If you do not have any model of leather handbag, a wild and unmissable option in the closet, is the black leather handbag according to sizeablehandbags.

And yes, there are numerous versions and styles of the black bag, but the leather value the accessory and as it is super versatile , it fits super well in different proposals of look, still more in the neutral color, that allows from a more stripped or daring look, To a more neutral and neat version.


Another joker color for different looks is the brown leather bag or caramel.

The brown versions have a more sober air and are super stylish in the look, being a more classic proposal.

The caramel version is a more open tone and can be used from a more formal look, to a proposal more day by day. Another advantage of this color is that because it is more open, it makes the look less loaded and is a great proposal for the day.


If the idea is to transform the look, the red leather bag is the perfect bet to give an up on any look.

With the more vibrant color bag it is difficult for the accessory to go unnoticed, and the idea is exactly this, to use the bag as a highlight.

In the case of the red bag, do not try to combine it with a red garment, as the look can become very vibrant. The ideal is to dare and bring the bag as a highlight.


The white leather bag usually causes fear, after all, despite being white it seems to be too classic.

And to start hitting the look, forget the paradigms and bet on the white bag in the look.

It is worth following the proposal of the classic and formal look, but it is also worth getting away from this idea and bet on a modern look with a mix of styles, joining the bag of classic visual to a composition day by day and stripped.


For those looking for practicality in the look, the cross purse is a perfect accessory proposal.

The transverse leather bag model is worn through the body and leaves the hands free, which gives a lot of practicality to the day-to-day look.

For those who want to invest in a model of cross leather bag, the tip is to opt for small or medium models, since the large cross-style bags often break the look.

From Costa

Another practical option for those who are looking to invest in a new women’s leather handbag, is the version that resembles a leather backpack .

This type of bag can be used in the hand or the back, and although it looks like a backpack for this way of using, the back leather bag is more neat and gives a beautiful value in the visual, can even be a choice For formal looks.

Type Bag/Bucket Bag

Some time ago came the fashion of the purse bag or bucket bag, as it is also called.And this fashion though more recent also extended to the leather handbags.

The model is younger and if you believe that the leather bag has a more classic look, you can invest in the bag model that brings joviality to the look.

And because it is a less classic model, the purse model is not the most suitable for formal events.

Type Tote Bag

If you are not content with a small or medium purse, maybe a great choice is a leather tote bag style.

The tote bag tends to be larger and this is ideal for those who can not save on the items that go in the bag.

The model looks great for a day-to-day look, but may be too big for a nighttime look.


If you keep looking for leather bag models that are perfect for different situations and are practical, shoulder bag versions are perfect.

This model, which has elongated handle and is used in the hip region tends to increase this area of ​​the body as it adds more volume.So it’s a great strategy for those with little hip and body in inverted triangle shape.

With fringe

Another variation between leather bag models is the fringed version.

The fringes are an inspiration of the boho style and look great in the leather bag.

The fringed model is less classic and is perfect for the day to day look;Besides giving more movement to the look, due to the fringes that move when walking.

Leather Leggings

And if the subject is leather purse, there are those who do not give up the true leather, which is extracted from animals.

This type of leather has its advantages, such as:

  • Durability,
  • Waterproof,
  • It does not lose sight and look natural,
  • It does not deform.

And despite so many advantages, the biggest disadvantage of this type of bag is in the fact that it is of animal origin and in price, which is much more expensive than a faux leather purse.

The legitimate leather used in the bag can be from different animals such as alligator, cow (more traditional), ostrich, among others. And the difference lies in the texture and each type of leather, which gives a unique style to the bag.

Synthetic Leather

And of course you do not have to give up the idea of ​​using an animal bag for the simple fact of wanting a leather bag.

Nowadays, there are several options of synthetic leather, and also called faux leather, eco, leather , among others.And the truth is, the biggest change is only in the manufacturing mode, which may involve different techniques and materials, but all feature the leather look.

Ah, and according to Brazilian legislation, the name “leather” should be used only for animal material.So these types of industrial-made fabrics should not be called leather.

And with so many variations of the industrial manufacturing option, the price is much more attractive and visual tends to be much like legitimate leather.


There are numerous models of women’s leather handbags, but if you like the more handmade style, you can opt for the handbag, which usually have embossed or even embroidered with leather.

This style brings a boho chic reference, and looks great to enhance the look or add a distinctive detail in the leather bag, breaking the idea of ​​the bag with classic look.

How to Use Leather Handbag:Tips and Looks for Looks

Day to Day/Casual

If you want a more visual proposal day by day with the leather handbag, it is worth to be inspired by this proposal of look.

For the visual here, the idea was to wear a black leather legging with print animal print shirt.The black bag matches with the pants.

And to break the look a little and bring the more casual style, the bet was for the white All Star sneakers .

Formal look

And if you like the idea of ​​a classic looking leather handbag, do not be afraid to invest in the composition of the accessory with a formal look.

In the proposal, the look was forming with striped blouse, gray pencil skirt and scarpin.And big hand bag was the bet for the visual, matching with the skirt of the same color.


If you have a happy hour with friends or want to enjoy the night in a bar, this look is a great inspiration for how to scratch in the look and still introduce a leather bag in the look.

In the proposal, waxed pants were worn with a denim shirt, and among the accessories, the bet was for a maxi collar and a wine shoulder bag, which adds a touch of color to the look.


And if you plan to go to the ballad, but always be in doubt of which bag to use, the tip is to choose for a small shoulder strap , which is ideal for carrying paper, cell phone, money and a lipstick to touch up the make.

At the party, forget the big tote models!

As an inspiration for a ballad look with bag, the idea here was to use a black shoulder bag with a different design, which gives a more modern proposal to the look.

What is your favorite model of women’s leather handbag? Tell us in the comments here what models you already have and how you like to use them!