Women’s Fleece Sweatshirts

Casual Sweatshirt: fashionable, easy, trendy

Sweatshirt is inseparable from the feminine wardrobe. Especially sporty ladies greatly appreciate the straightforward piece of clothing. With great cuts accompanied it attractive by leisure and modern accents thanks to trendy colours and prints. Complete the look with a comfortable trousers or a well-fitting pair of jeans. Sneakers, boots or even pumps are combined to, and already an attractive outfit is created, that inspires a woman. In the well-stocked shop, you will discover sweatshirts of the bpc, John Baner and RAINBOW brands.

The classics: ladies Sweatshirts with hood and Kangaroo Pocket
Sweatshirts for women convince with a cool hood and Kangaroo pockets on the front, are particularly popular. Keep not only the hands at cool temperatures warm, they also exude a fashionable and equally individual touch. The hooded sweatshirts are available in many different colours and can be playful to vote with the rest of the outfit. See for and try out the comfortable look. You are the Sweatshirt style love.


A fleece sweatshirt for cool days – essential
When it storms and snow outside, fleece sweatshirts are worn to keep you warm. Such a sweatshirt brings the comfort as the ordinary sweatshirts. The soft fleece material is pleasant on the skin and keeps you warm. The look is perfect even in icy temperatures. Whether as jackets replacement during the transitional period, or as a cap for jogging in the fall, sweatshirt made from fleece is always the right choice. Sweatshirt in the long form is a perennial favorite. The reason is obvious: the long sweatshirt flatters the female form by visually stretches and makes for a slim silhouette. Is combined the long cut sweatshirt to narrow pants.

Women's Fleece Sweatshirts

Clever cut-outs, asymmetrical cuts and more
There are no limits in the choice of the perfect sweatshirts for young ladies. How about a sweater with attractive cut-outs? They are absolutely stylish! Asymmetric cut forms inspire the trendsetters. Pretty corner seams or front shorter than rear cut sweatshirts are the trend and enjoy great popularity. They are great to be combined to narrow pants or leggings. If you want some feminine touch, the sweatshirt with very deep neckline is perfect for you, which emphasizes your figure. The feminine touch is completed perfectly. Browse here all alone in the online shop and find your new favorite hoodie sweatshirt.