Women’s Bag Essentials

Good question, huh? Even better is the answer Daniel Lazotti, author of the book that raises this issue. “The purse of a woman is so interesting that reveals to your personality. In the Pocket of a smart woman for pleasure instead of concerns, there is happiness in the place of the gray life full, there’s room to enjoy life, family and friends in the midst of so many commitments.

Liked it? Since this is the translation of the publication, a practical guide to personal finance shows the female ratio with the money through cases and simple tips to achieve happiness.

Before diving into the interview with Cristiane, look at what she found. “The woman is increasingly firming your space on the labour market, and this is taking most of them thinking about your financial future, either for a trip next, buy property or retirement. However, this is still a small portion of the female audience. Most of them are still involved with debit balances, credit cards maxed out or simply do not have regular applications. The look is still short-sighted financial, but nothing that can’t be reassessed and reworked with regard to consumption habits”.

According to the author, the maternal instinct is the main culprit in this situation. “Jokes aside, the woman who has family usually gives priority to spending on the House, children and husband, often leaving their own needs aside. A little because of the time consuming work, this compromises the familiar coexistence. Balance the roles and investments is the big challenge. After all, investing in the family is not just the money, but attention, presence and affection”.

In General, however, she says that women have different financial profiles. “Every woman has their priorities in life, and this must be respected, including their consumer pleasures. Saving money is a great business, but it’s not so good if it’s something petty to deprive themselves of this point for the future. In life we need balance in all aspects and financial life could not be different. Most women still don’t usually do risky investments, are more conservative, saving money in savings, for example. There are other excellent opportunities, but depends on the profile of each one. For example: If you are a conservative woman can freak out at the sight of your money being devalued in an application variable income. To risk a little more, the best way is knowledge. Chat with friends, your bank manager, with financial advisers, with me, but don’t blindly believe in nobody, draw your own conclusions and evaluate the best investment for you.The knowledge will be your best ally “.

-What are the major mistakes and financial arrangements of the women?

Cristiane-the main mistake we women are SHOPPING! The shoe that combines with the pants, blouse, the perfume… anyway, when you realized there was the bank balance and you’ve decided to go for it in the overdraft and maxed out the credit card. However, the worst mistake is to get credit to pay debts. Believe me, personal credit is good when used to invest in something, but never to pay debts. The best way to pay your debts is negotiating directly with the lender. If the card is maxed out, negotiate with the credit card. If the overdraft, negotiate with the Bank and stay without him. See who made the best deal after all the overdraft is a money that is not your and should only be used in emergencies. And in these emergencies are not included the ballad or one stop by quickly to the Mall. In relation to the arrangements, several studies have found that women are more conservative when it comes to money, they keep when they want and this is a good thing. As there is no greed to make money in the short term, they run less risk, so may not win much, but surely lose much less than men in the stock market, for example, and gets a better return.

-Could cite some cases of women presented in the book?

Cristiane-there is the case of an heiress of some real estate. She believed that I had found your Prince charming. On behalf of the trust and love, he “ran” the buildings until she got no and also without the Prince. There is the case of two brothers who are faced with a serious problem of health of your mom and this undermines not only the emotional situation, but the financial family. There is the case of a brazilian actress who declared that her husband “Charles squandered your equity” (but with her consent), among many others. What I’m looking for show with these cases (including my own mistakes) are the experiences by various women in unusual situations. Why not learn from these experiences? From this was born, the book.

-Why the lady was inspired in this subject to write the book?

Cristiane-Just because I made almost every mistake. I mixed honey with money, bought more than my bank balance allowed, I thought life was accumulating stuff and more stuff  according to cancermatters. Today I learned that life is to accumulate experience, practice sport, be happy and give a good laugh with the people I love. I’m not a “squirrel”, but now life has a new meaning. I don’t care any more if you don’t have the car of the year or if the closet is without the new collection.

-How is it possible for women to reach the dream of freedom and financial success?

Cristiane-Here has a text of Fernando Veríssimo that I love and that I quote in the book, after all out of somewhere you need to take the first step. “Which brings us to choose a warm life; or rather don’t wonder, contest. The answer I know by heart is stamped in the distance and coldness of the smiles, the hugs, laxity in the indifference of ‘ good morning ‘ almost whispered.Spare cowardice and lack courage to be happy. ” And if there’s still any doubt of what must be done, turn the song “Maria, Maria”, saying that “it takes strength, you need to have race, you have to have Ghana ever!”