Why Do We Need a Sports Bra?

I am aware that it is not yet known the how important it is to use a sports bra in the practice of any physical activity. A good sports bra allows can protect and pack the chest of correctly during exercises that cause more severe chest movements, such as the race for example.

When do not use a sports bra we are primarily the harm our skin. Be on time to the practice of exercise that requires more movement, the skin of the chest tends to break if not immobilized -which readily leads to stretch marks. In the long term, can also come to undermine the steadfastness of our breasts. Also in the long term, failure to use the due support in the chest can also bring health problemssuch as pain in the shoulders, arms, neck, throat, or lumbar spine. The bra of sport is also advantageous because it improves our position, helping the spine to keep right.

A good sports bra , we have to take into account especially the way fits the chest: the BRA should be able to accommodate both breasts without the coating of. The straps should be wide and the Kos under the chest in anatomically shaped to easily adapt to our body. As a rule, choose an elastic waistband, but do not crease my body according to HealthInClude. In these cases, it is important to keep in mind that with the washes, the elastic will lose elasticity and turns out to be necessary to renew the bra with some frequency. I confess that I can not indicate Bras sports brands more economic, because I have always bet on Adidas, Nikeand Reebok. These are brands with which I feel very comfortable, insofar as I am aware the quality presenting-I know you are a good investment. Prowl the 25/30 €, but on sale can buy them for a lot more cheap (the Reebok for example, got it for €16). The sports bra is an essential for you when practicing exercise?