Where to Find Mermaid Accessories?

Hi girls! I’m loving this fashion “mermaid” (of course the Yasmin Brunet continues inspiring me in T-U-D-O!) and decided to bring to you sites that sell accessories designed for this style. I don’t know too many, but I’m going to show are worth a lot! Let’s check it out?!?

  1. May
    More sereistica store I have ever encountered, with many shell accessories, of various types. Has bracelet, ring, anklet, necklace, among others. And you can know more from Montchaninstores.

The store is @issoesermay instagram.

  1. Cali
    Shop with many delicate accessories, I fell in love with all! I love necklaces that are made with real shells. < 3

The store is @calistoree instagram.

  1. Elephant
    Wonderful shop that Yasmin Brunet always praises and uses (that’s how I got to know!), very different products and with fair price!

The urges of the store is @elephantloja!

  1. Julia Torquetti
    We know the brand in Minas Trend, and as much I as Melina fell in love! Are semi jewels for use in any party or event, without ceasing to be Mermaid. All turquoise and with beautiful stones.

The brand is instagram @juliatorquetti!

  1. Thais Quintão Accessories
    You know Jade accessories Seba and Nah Cardoso live using? Yes, most is that mark linda, that to improve is here in BH. < 3 Has a lot of Turquoise (which we love!) in super stylish accessories.

The brand is instagram @tqacessorios!

  1. Truc de Fou
    Girls, this store is the most “sereistica”. Has many accessories with starfish, Mermaid, crab, conch, among others. Surely you will feel a mermaid by using these accessories!

The instagram store @ _ trucdefou _.

  1. Ziovara
    This store was one of my best discoveries. Has several different accessories, but you are elegant at the same time. I want everything!

The store is @ziovara instagram.

Girls, I hope you enjoyed my selection, put in alphabetical order and not by choice, after all I loved all! I’m loving this whole phase “under the sea”, turquoise colors and things more “whimsical” (such as stars, the Moon, Sun and stones). Don’t forget to comment and tell me of other stores with “sereisticos”. Kisses!