What to Wear Leggings With

Leggings are no longer attribute the tender age girls as it was in the distant eighties. Today it is a practical and stylish garment that can successfully be combined with any of the things. A variety of styles, colors and textures allows you to compose original sets.

The Combination of Colors and Patterns

The principle is simple: if the leggings with print, then wear their best with a simple top that would not violate the harmony of combinations. But monotonous bottom can not afford to arbitrarily flooded.
Defiantly lehincy look with animal print. But what to put on top? Try black or white tunic. Top matches the color of one of the nuances of animal prints will also be very useful.

To emphasize aggressiveness chosen style is shod boots or shoes at very high heels or a solid platform.

Depending on the Type of Figures

From what to wear pants? And with nothing, most importantly, it is in the ensemble compatibility of textures, colors and unity of style – he would not want to dream and experiment.

The first step is to make them fit for the figure. Girls sport is not a matter of choice leggings, you can even wear short tunics, though mini – skirts. Those rounded sides and hips better meet the following pairs:

  • knit dress with leggings to mid-thigh;
  • sports leggings with a long break blouse suggested by emilyleggings;
  • leggings with a long jacket.

Thin girl dragged “Anatomy” also should not interfere in tight pants would be better to supplement its top corrective as long tunics and blouses.
Women with normal physique safely wear them entirely to direct cut dresses, short skirts – skirts tulips cuts and even shorts – but it is for those who like to make a strong impression on others!

At Any Time of Year

In cool weather combined with fine leggings and cardigan sweaters, long blouses floor wearing bolero or cardigan. Excellent kit obtained if put to a long dress-sweater is back in vogue. Dress everywhere – at work or school, to walk, to travel and to travel.
If you want to wear leather chaps, something to say, not unambiguous, it must be skillfully chosen for their environment can strengthen impression of their texture – heavy jackets, white cotton or silk blouse over which put short leather jacket or short coat.

In the warmer months, you can wear leggings under a short skirt with a denim or plaid, long denim or cotton shirt, and a dress – case – this option is suitable even for the office.

Do not forget that warm leggings summer no matter gently and lace – winter. Lace leggings – a trifle thin, you can wear with evening colorful tunics and black dress.With other things, they look vulgar and provocative.

What about Shoes?

Summer in leggings paired with tops, tunics and light shirt, ballet flats can be shod, summer shoes, sandals, gladiators or even high-heeled shoes.

Bad news for fans of shoes without heels. Unfortunately, not leggings look with sneakers and running shoes, sandals and slippers – with sports shoes can be worn only if the road is straight in the fitness center.

How to Choose Leggings Length

It is no coincidence that question, we finally left. Even the most beautiful leggings and designed combinations will fail if the length emphasize too skinny ankles or legs look curves.
Those who pay the procedure and not too thin, you can wear leggings and ankles and long.
Girls with lower leg X-shaped and those with knees apart (O-shaped legs) is contraindicated in knee-length.

Wear leggings, so different and such universal, and enjoy the convenience and beauty of your image!