What Should You Look for When Buying Sunglasses

Launches campaign “Safe Summer” (http://www.sunglasseswill.com/archives/best-sunglasses-for-summer-travel-1099/), which will monitor the quality of sunglasses, inflatable attributes and do the full range of consumer goods that we use during the summer season.
From now until the end of the tourist season State Agency for Metrology and Technical Surveillance (SAMTS) will monitor how safe are the products we buy.

The Secretary General of the Agency Valentin Chilikov advise on the most important things consumers should know. First in the glasses should be monitored if they have t. Pomegranate. Mark C, which indicates the level of protection and instructions for use in Bulgarian. Users must comply with this how clean his glasses because incorrect removal of traces of lenses can cause damage to the filter, and hence the vision.

If glasses are filter type class 4, people should know that they are categorically forbidden to drive. “They can lead to loss of part of the visual field, leading to a real risk of accidents,” warned Chilikov.

In terms of inflatable toys he warned that they can not be used as a means of rescue. Rescue belt for example, can be used only when the child felt bottom.

The expert Vasya Milanova is among those who will inspect the sites. Inspections over the years indicate that there is a 30% discrepancy between different product groups, especially in glasses.

Violations most often a lack of markings and instructions for use in Bulgarian. Around 20 sites for sunglasses will be verified in Sofia blvd. “Vitosha”. The experts will inspect and sites located in the region of South and West Park in the capital.

A total of over 100 sites selling sunglasses and inflatable attributes will be verified by the end of the week.

Meanwhile SAMTS warned traders to expect unannounced visits at weekends. If irregularities are detected, the agency withdrew from commercial goods and issue an act of administrative violation. Fines for manufacturers and importers of goods that are no established standards amounted to between 500 and 10 thousand. Lev and traders from 250 to 1000 lev.