What Pants to Wear with Sweater

Trousers and sweater is a classic combination, especially suitable for the winter months. On the one hand gives you warmth and comfort when worn, the other – the combination is suitable as an office attire without being too casual or too formal.

Slim cut trousers and a long sweater. Waisted trousers visually elongate your legs and make your figure look even more elegant and waisted and long sweater gives you freedom and comfort without depriving you of style!

Gray slacks and a black sweater. Of course, I have a suggestion for men, especially for those who like clean style. Besides elegance, a combination of gray and black speaks of strong character and personality. If you are looking for a way to express yourself – bet on this combination.

Elegant blue trousers and a white sweater.  If you like to add a touch of extravagance clothing – that’s trousers for you! And if your favorite color is blue – it that trousers must be present in your closet! Combine white sweater to protect yourself from the cold weather and keep friendly appearance!