What is Freestyle Football

Freestyle soccer is a creative sport, mainly engaged in technology, creativity, style and control that you have over the ball. Freestyle football is all about tricks you can play with a ball, only the hands are not used. But it started with the art of keeping a ball in the air, head, knee or foot, but now has become a downright hype with the sharpest acrobatics will be removed. Freestyle football is characterized by tricks that participants with the ball can play.Freestyle football has absolute agreement with juggling a ball, but it is of course focused on football, making Freestyle adds an extra dimension to the usual football. A good freestyler through many ways can play in goal. It is a hugely popular sport around the world and basically an extension of the sport of soccer.


In national and international championships from the jury?? s main focus in agility, creativity, difficulty, choreography, show and entertainment, but also about Freestyler bet the whole body to give his show. You can add a lot of yourself, for example by demonstrating new tricks. Of course, the intention is that you learn the gift Freestyle Football automobiles others perform.

What is Freestyle Football

Freestyle Football, for Whom?

According to Digopaul.com, freestyle soccer can be done by anyone who is good with the ball, to be played, but you see a lot of ex-football field, but also field players Freestyling. Freestyle football is primarily for entertainment and agility. To get the trucks in freestyle football below the knee, but should be practiced a lot. A player who has a good knowledge of the free Styles, however, can greatly affect a game. Additionally, it provides a lot to show football.

Freestyle Football, Which Ball is Best?

Freestyle balls on the Internet seems to be well off the bus at Frees are: Monta, Nike and Adidas. In particular, Monta seems liked it. Other sources say that whatever football you use, but if you take a size 5 soccer. If you are still limited to a size four.

Freestyle Football

There are already many features and it will become more and more are moving on. Very well-known features are:

  • Crossover: ball from one foot to another knock, while the feet together as cross
  • Around the world: a foot goes around the ball and catch the ball again
  • Hop world: Do?? worldwide?? but the ball from one foot to the other played


Freestyl football is perhaps as old as football itself, but players like Ronaldinho and Edgar Davids place with more and more trucks will increase, making it evolved. Nike, as advertising began doing freestyle tricks Ronaldinho and Edgar Davids, there was increased interest to do after. Also through sites like films can be placed, for example, on YouTube, increasingly Frees showed the world to show their skills with the ball. Official Freestyle football is born at the beginning of this century. It is a wonderful addition to the usual football and without an artistic sport.