Wall Stickers:27 Inspiring Images and Installation Tips

If you are tired of the sameness and the neutral colors of your home but feel headache just thinking about the work you would give to paint the walls, there is a very practical solution to your problem.

The wall stickers have been gaining prominence in the decoration market and therefore, we have gathered in this guide everything you need to know to apply them in your environment and leave your home modern and with personality.Check it.

The stickers are cheap ornaments and have the ability to break the monotony of any room.They can value different styles of decoration, such as retro, contemporary, romantic or fun – so when it comes to choosing, it is important that they conform to the rest of the decor.

Finding them is very easy: several online stores offer a multitude of designs and formats and physical decoration stores also already market the product.

Walkthrough: How to Apply

The adhesive comes in three layers: transfer mask (transparent adhesive), adhesive vinyl (cut in the format of the drawing) and liner (white paper that protects the glue).Some stickers come in kits – multiple pieces in one sticker.In that case, trim the pieces and apply one at a time, in the position you prefer.

Clean the area where the adhesive will be applied and wait for about 5 minutes to dry.(If your wall is freshly painted, wait at least two weeks after painting to make the application!)

Along with the adhesive, you get a spatula – have it on hand for the application.Position the adhesive where it will be applied and secure the ends with adhesive tape so it does not move during the process according to businessjust.com.

Begin to remove the liner with care, leaving only the mask with the adhesive glued.Pass the spatula in the mask by gluing it to the wall and eliminating possible air bubbles.Pull the liner down and slide the spatula progressively over the entire drawing until the entire liner comes out.

Pass the spatula back through the adhesive to ensure adhesion. Begin removing the transfer mask at a 45 ° angle. If the adhesive peels off, return the mask, pass the spatula again and repeat the process.

DIY: paper contact adhesive

If your idea is to give your house a new face without regret in your pocket, you can make the piece, reuse materials and explore creativity – learn how.

First, print the chosen design and cut it according to the outline.Use a CD pen to transfer the print pattern to the back of the contact.

Cut out the contact paper drawing.To glue the adhesive, be careful: it should be applied gradually so as not to give air bubbles in the finish.

Remember to choose a contact paper color that stands out in the tone of the wall for the drawing to take shape.

Tile adhesive

The stickers are still able to simplify another renovation: the tile replacement.There are specific parts for the kitchen environment or the bathroom.

Bim.bon has a step by step coloring and renovating your kitchen or bathroom – read here.

No harsh smell of paint, no mess, no dirt and no need for specialized workmanship for the application: adhesives are the ideal solution for coloring, renewing and moving environment in a practical and affordable way.