USB to DB9 Serial Adapter

The Universal Serial Bus cable, better known as the USB cable, was created in 1990 as a format to standardize cables ports. USB cables are now one of the most popular forms of connectors and slots.The D- underwater also known as the DB9 is a connector used to carry signals /audio video and data over a cable. Most computers have a DB9 connection since it is the basis of the used cable when you connect your computer to a monitor. A USB to DB9 connection is a simple task that you can perform with an adapter cable. Things you need

USB to DB9 cable adapter
1. Buy a USB cable to DB9. Be sure to note if the cable ends are either male or female. A man in a female cable cable inserts. A male cable has pins while the female cable has slots.
2. Plug the male end of the cable to the USB adapter into the female end of the device to which you are connecting. Plug and then screw the DB9 adapter cable end into the next USB 4-port hub at eUSBHubs.
3. Check the connection by checking the data you put on the cable. There are many applications for the use of a USB cable to DB9 adapter.