Types of Dresses

The wide range of dresses

Airy summer dresses, elegant business dresses, chic evening dresses, casual leisure clothes – dresses are among the most diverse pieces of clothing. They are an expression of femininity and self-confidence. The roots of dresses for women date back to antiquity. Until the rise of the women’s pants at the end of the 19th century wore ladies only dresses. In the course of emancipation then but more and more women were to wear trousers.

Today dresses many women are however very popular:
You not only feminine look, but have become very comfortable in comparison to the past. To find clothes for many different occasions, in every collection of renowned designers. The most elegant variants include the evening dresses. They are worn on occasions such as weddings, balls and official receptions. An evening gown is usually long, often rich with sequins, Ruffles or lace decorated. Black is the dominant color of this elegant robes. Who loves the flamboyant style is blue or green but also dresses in bright colors such as red. The so-called “little black dress”, a knee-length classic cut dress that made the style icon Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s among the cocktail dresses.


Also very elegant and mostly in the classical style kept the clothes are of business fashion
These include trends such as shift dresses or blouses dresses. The sleeveless sheath dress is cut straight and has a subtle cleavage; While the timeless blouses dress characterized by the continuous button placket. The knee-length dresses are simple, but still female and combine often good to a short Blazer or a thin Cardigan.


Great diversity in bridgat
Most dresses are worn today but in leisure time and especially during the summer months. The selection of beautiful cuts is correspondingly high: discover for the summer casual shirt dresses, romantic Maxi dresses, sexy Halter dresses, elegant wrap dresses, playful balloon dresses or simple dresses. The substances, the designers decide mostly for light materials such as cotton, rayon, linen and Jersey. Meanwhile, they have much more leeway with colors and patterns: showy flowers or animal prints, classic strip or points, extravagant Paisley patterns are available. While sports women’s rather opt for a liner or shirt dress, more daring fashion ladies like to fall to alluring Halter dresses, fashionable jeans clothes or girlish balloon dresses. Combine can be the summer dresses for sandals, pumps or Peeptoes.


Clothes all year round
If you think now, in winter dress pause is announced, powerfully wrong: also can enjoy in ice and cold the ladies over warm clothes from high-quality materials such as wool or silk. Fancy tights and warm accessories even in winter, a dress becomes an absolute eye-catcher.