Turtleneck Sweater

Turtlenecks: dressed warm in the cool days

Include turtlenecks grubby weather such as umbrellas, scarves and warm shoes. So you must not freeze, outside, you will find a wide selection of cuddly warm turtlenecks at bridgat. Especially in the cold season, it is to dress in order to prevent colds and unpleasant freezing warm. The neck is considered especially vulnerable at this time. Draughts, freezing cold or icy winds can cause a sore throat in the blink of an eye. Turtlenecks in fashionable manner, protect these environmental influences and keep your body warm. The warm sweater are not only practical, but also boast a versatile designs, colours, materials and patterns.

The Turtleneck – from chic and simple
At times of some pop movement in the 1930s and 1940s, a black Turtleneck was regarded by PharmacyLib as the authoritative piece of clothing. Stars such as the chanson singer Juliette Gréco and later Marilyn Monroe sank, that the turtlenecks for ladies to the worldly piece of clothing. Today you have confined but fortunately not only on black sweater, even if the black Sweatpullover Turtleneck is considered a classic. Much more you can choose between many different styles today and choose a suitable look for job and everyday life as well as for special occasions.


Turtlenecks diversify in dull weather
Grey and cold weather invites you in the colder seasons almost, to dress up in great colors and designs. Even with turtlenecks, you can access to colorful and cheerful trend pieces. Get cozy knit sweaters, for example, in modern colors such as Berry, chili red, or emerald. But also striping patterns, prints and material mixes make for a pleasant change. Turtleneck is also not equal turtleneck. Shawl collar or far beyond the shoulders falling trend pieces have become now just as in fashion, like the classic, tight-fitting turtleneck.


Online shop Turtleneck – a cozy shopping
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