Top HiFi On-ear Headphones (less than €150)

For those who have budget tighter we decided to include this comparison. It’s the Koss SP330 about 130 euros. Occasionally sneaks a gem and we surprised the team, Koss SP330 is one of these. I tried these headphone hifi almost by chance and am happy to have done so, because for those people who have a budget of around 100 euros, these are ideal.

Best price found: €119
Koss SP330 is a pair really nice modern appearance, but is slim with a matte black body really discreet. In fact it seems manufactured in plastic, since the majority of the surface has a fine touch that gives a much better feeling than are built only plastic. As with the Pro4S and SP540, the SP330 has one ear muffs D-shaped, somewhat smaller. Appearance really do not pay close attention, I guess that she is why almost I test it by chance.

Luckily, their quality is more than its reserved appearance. By making the sound, this pair of headphones hifi cheap on-ear make an approach to the audio looking for balance. The SP330 have a good bass, excellent control and to my ears I usually served with neutral trends that I’ve liked. In the same way in the media, there are very good clarity, more than what I expected as modest-priced.

Perhaps more closely looking these cheap hifi helmets, we see that the treble is perhaps where it leaves of this neutrality, only gently. Such sharp they have details and extension is fine, with an acceptable fineness (especially at this price), with just enough softness to avoid than they do ends. Compared with Koss as the Pro4S siblings, the SP330 is a little more mellow and less incisive in the peaks.

It’s a pair of headphones hifi cheap very compact, closed and on-ear. In no time you’ll think these listening to headphones open, but minimum you’ll see that they sound natural and consistent. From the beginning we felt confident to say that they have a great value. Compared with some costing twice the SP330 some detail, will miss them clear, but I still see as some may prefer them pr its neutrality. If you are looking for something affordable and compact in a pair of headphones hifi, the Koss SP300 are a great choice according to ElectronicsMatter.