Top 5 Summer Shoes for Men

Leg room is more like a stepchild in the summer shoes for men. Even at high temperatures, the lords of creation still run best in sneakers through the world .Comparing women’s shoes and men’s shoes for summer, then shows a real big difference in terms of models and designs. Here are the top 5 summer shoes for men that have existed for years and is also due to the footwear industry that the foot space of the man takes care rather sluggish.

No. 1: Sneakers

Sneaker and Lace made ​​of lightweight leather, textile and high-tech materials lead to the short list of summer shoes for men. Contrasting, thematically and in terms of comfort let the popular Treterchen nothing to be desired, but also less air to the feet than sandals or mules. The athletic shoe is an all-rounder that can be worn with or without socks.

No. 2: Flip Flops
The Flip Flops an Renner are also in demand on the catwalk of men footwear and especially at temperatures above 28 degrees. Finally air comes to the feet and the free tanning’s equal to boot. Thestylish shoes that actually consist of only sole and web belt are combined by the men to shorts or trousers alike and make transparent and any style with. For the business and the job, however they are a bit too naked, here engages man he prefers to sandals , elegant sneaker versions, moccasins or summer grade shoes back.

Flip Flops

No. 3: Mules

Yes, the flip-flops or clogs Plastic ranked number 3 of our list for summer men’s shoes. Followed by mules and health shoes, where the Birkenstock brand enjoys great popularity. The feet will enjoy the airy appearance, which makes Bermuda and Badeshort the best figure.

No. 4: Trekking Sandals

Sandals and socks – A no-go for the modern man, but a standard program with the older generation.Why even in hot over-30-degree temperatures or socks are worn in sandals, it probably no one really knows an answer, except us. For the bare feet of a man are also in society very different rates than those of the woman. They come without paint from, remain nude and require intensive care, what they do not from those of women differs. However, since the foot care of the man is far from being so extremely advertised and described how the woman, it may well be that it is neglected now and then. This is also a reason to why men rather prefer sneakers.

In addition, classic sandals are frumpy in optics and thus for the young generation is not really attractive. Trekking sandals , however show a very sporty appearance with a certain coolness factor.The outdoor shoes have conquered the hearts of the men and are more often seen in men feet.

No. 5: Espadrilles

The comfortable ultralight beach shoes are a real summer shoe that ensures a good air circulation of the feet, although it is a closed shoe in the classic sense of the modern man.

Quick on and taken off, are espadrilles on hot days and a companion for a shopping spree. Models made of soft and breathable leather in classic colors also have a very sophisticated touch and stand out from the typical beach feeling optics.

Other Men’s Summer Shoes

Granted, the selection exhausted here of variants but very fast. The shoes that we perform now, are more for the special fashionable types. Moccasins leather in sporty version, like in the maritime style, the ease of walking open combined with an elegant touch that is very well received in the professional life. Another option roman sandals are in moderate execution and without knee-bandage. However, is that really something for fashion brave men, for the selection of suitable clothes contributes substantially to the harmonious appearance.

Men’s Summer Shoes

Actually, it is time that newly revolutionized footwear for men in terms of summer shoes, but this will only be done when the naked male foot moves more into focus. This starts with care tips for beautiful men’s feet that are rarely found in the media. For this purpose arises for many the problem of the sex appeal of men’s feet. While us ladies feet actually run in its naked beauty on billboards, advertisements in fashion magazines and constantly on the road, are naked men feet barely in the public eye. But there is something like equal rights for all. Feet need in the summer air and sunlight, no matter whether male or female. And when the naked male foot more engaged in the public eye, then the shoe designers are getting creative again, designing explicit men’s summer shoes that are even really absolutely new and unprecedented.