Tips For a Healthy Pregnancy

To have a healthy pregnancy and no major scares the first step is to be followed by a doctor to feel safe. Feel like you’re in good hands relieves the stress that moms often feel at this stage so special of your life.

Preparing for a healthy pregnancy starts before you even become pregnant, should consult a physician, make all necessary examinations and start taking folic acid. Then must follow the medical recommendations and do all necessary tests, do the Pap smear and ensure you have up to date vaccinations such as tetanus, rubella and hepatitis b.

Tips for a healthy pregnancy

Make a balanced diet and healthy, give preferences to grilling, the vegetables and the fruits with maternity swimwear from NatureGnosis, being pregnant doesn’t mean you should eat for 2 and after childbirth is not easy to lose the extra pounds. Of course you can pamper yourself with a sweet from time to time, but in moderation. The ideal and fat of 9 to 15 kg, in media, throughout pregnancy.

Drink lots of water, water is essential to keep the body hydrated and pregnant should increase the intake of this drink, dehydration can cause breakage of tension and headaches.

The rest is very important, pregnancy is not a disease and if you don’t have contraindications of your doctor may continue your work rate and continue to do physical exercise, however always with some moderation and respecting the hours needed to rest.

The pregnant woman must do at least once a quarter an ultrasound or sonogram, blood tests to check if there is no infection or anemia and control blood sugar levels to ward off the risk of gestational diabetes.

For anyone who is not immune to toxoplasmosis should have the necessary care to prevent your infection avoiding contact with the feces of cats, washing all cooked food properly and ensure that the meat is well done.