The Wi-Fi Router from Airfy: Simple, Safe and Free Surf.

The startup company airfy from Munich big intends: wants to make it easier, cheaper and safer the public Internet with its very stylish-looking Wi-Fi router.

The Munich-based startup airfy wants to revolutionize the access to the Internet with its Wi-Fi router – easy, free, and it should be safe. The highlight of the new wireless Internet: Those who themselves have created the stylish airfy router to, can offer free Internet via Wi-Fi each – without having to worry about violations of the law of the other users here. This worked because airfy simply slips into the role of the provider. The young company takes responsibility for the Internet activities through a VPN connection between the airfy router and the Web surfer and, if necessary, passes them to the user – this are the operators on the safe side. Wi-Fi is airfy triple secured: when receiving, sending and during data transfer. Another advantage: airfy anyone without a home router can use.

Those who register at airfy, receives its own WPA2 key, he is everywhere there automatically connects to the via Smartphone with Wi-Fi, where a router of airfy nearby. The goal: You want to win as possible so many public operators for the Wi-Fi router, so that you can provide an extensive airfy network users in the city. The operator, for example, a pub or a Café, will be changed before the election by airfy: If you want to use the use of the router free, their score against a ten-second advertisement get wireless Internet on their phone an hour. The operator says that he pays the Wi-Fi network, so can its guests even without advertising at the him surf the Web.

The airfy router comes with a stainless steel stand and a wall mount. He just 149 euros and looks as stylish as a designer lamp man so also confidently decorative place him in the living room and even the 50 controllable LEDs themselves program.