The Jewels of Our Time

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The jewels have always been present in societies since before the civilization in which we know. In ancient Egypt, for example, Kings and Queens have used as adornment and amulets against evil. At that time, nature has served as inspiration for the pieces, which had insect formats and animals such as beetles and snakes, as well as colorful. Look at the depictions of Egyptian mythology to see the necklaces and crowns that adorned with mastery the gods.The Jewels of Our Time 1

The Celts, a people that gave rise to the countries in Northern Europe, such as Ireland, Norway and Denmark, also cunhavam. Usually in bronze and gold, the jewels had curved formats, with many spirals. At that time, they were already using the technique of enameling in jewelry parts coloring, as crucifix and their shields.

The pre-Hispanic civilizations that inhabited the central and southern regions of America, like the Mayas, Aztecs and Incas, were already using gold and other metals to give shape to his pieces. In addition to necklaces and earrings, they also made masks, vases and even buried their kings and Queens adorned with precious jewels, with emeralds and rubies.

The Roman jewellery, inspired by Greek and Egyptian pieces, are more similar to what we use today. It was very common to use the technique of “filigree”, which uses very thin metal wires to form drawings and reliefs in parts. They developed also the polychrome, who was thumbing through a piece of wood in your coloring and gold with enamel surface. Pearls, emeralds, Topaz and diamonds were used in their creations.The Jewels of Our Time 2

The cameos, which are present in jewelry and in collections of jewelry, most traditional brands were also created by the Romans. In those days they were cut in precious stones and were gaining other forms of representation, which is not limited only to necklaces, but were also used in rings and bracelets.

With so many years of history, today the jewelry stores follow using traditional techniques, combining them with other more modern methods, materials and different designs, which can be considered as true works of art.


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