Tankinis – swimwear trends

The summer is coming and the next holiday is booked. Now missing only the appropriate Beach clothing. In addition to the classic Variant bikini and swimsuit you see women in Tankinis repeatedly lying on the beach in recent years. This swimwear is a hybrid between bikini and swimsuit. It consists of two parts: a bikini panty and a long tank top, hence the name Tankini. This is excellently suitable to hide small pads. The loose-fitting top caresses the Bellypart pleasant and can almost disappear a belly. But even women with flat belly make more than a good figure in this bathing suit. In contrast to the swimsuit, the Tankini offers multiple wearing options: to the Sun pushing the top simply upwards and swimming or for a beach walk back down. Sonnenanbeterinnen love Bandeau tankinis. The removable carriers allow a relaxed sunbath without that you later must upset about unsightly light stripes on the shoulders and neck.

The variety for every taste

At thedressexplorer, you will find the correct Tankini for your dream vacation. Halter Tankinis transform both women with a narrow character as even ladies with curvy shapes in attractive babes. When a large bosom you should be sure that preformed cups are incorporated, so the breast well kept and relieves the back. Or taking the same models with form brackets. Tankinis are also particularly popular in pregnant women. Floral patterns and frills put the baby bump it right in scene. In our online shop you will find a great color and shape selection and safe for your figure the matching Tankini. Discreet black or striking flower pattern, you have the choice. Whether you prefer simply like it and wear the matching panties to the top or mix wildly different parts with each other, is entirely up to you to decide.


Online discover Tankinis and many other trends for the beach


in fashion: what like is worn. Who is looking after the matching accessories to its swimwear, for which worth a look on the recommendations on the respective product page of our online store. Whether Bohemian earrings, bangles, rock, beach dress, tunic or Pocket, there’s much to discover. Let yourself be inspired and complete so your beach outfit. Summer is over, you must not store your Tankini in the closet. In the cold months, it is namely excellent for a visit to the swimming pool. The long tank top warms the belly when climbing out of the pool and hidden that even the winter pounds nights of.