The Guardian is a Vault Döttling to Valuable Watches

As someone who has expensive watches does to transport them on trips? Ever think of that? I’ve, and searching for images on Pinterest I ended up stumbling upon the Guardian, the portable vault of a German company called Döttling which specializes in solutions for secure storage of personal property, all priceless.

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Where to Buy Watches Online

During watch purchase, it is always such a thing when it comes to the “Where?”. Especially if one has to buy a “good watch” for a few hundred or even thousand euros-depending on the budget just. This watches blog I have already in the three-part series “vintage watches-where to buy?” given some tips, where to buy the best vintage and used watches .

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Bruce Willis Hamilton Watch

Bruce Willis wore a Hamilton Watch in “Die hard 4.0”

The American Swiss manufacturer Hamilton works closely with the film industry for many years. So, even some of the exclusive Luxury rooms adorned the wrists of the heroes of Hollywood blockbusters. Also in “Die hard – a good day to die”, which comes on 14 February 2013 in the German cinemas, equal to two watches from the House of Hamilton to play a supporting role. Continue reading Bruce Willis Hamilton Watch