Dresscode for the Wedding

Nowadays weddings are much more individualized than before, as the wishes of the couple have changed greatly. Which dress code is appropriate for the particular wedding depends on the style of the wedding event. In some cases, the bride and groom give a special motto or a certain dress code which the wedding guests should adhere to. Continue reading Dresscode for the Wedding

Jewels for the Main Weddings

It was in Germany that the tradition of weddings arose, where it was customary for small towns, to offer a silver crown to couples who had been married for 25 years, and one of gold to those who had reached the age of 50. Over time, new symbols, Which are different materials, have emerged for each year of marriage.The longer married, the greater the importance of the material, ranging from the most fragile to the most resistant. Continue reading Jewels for the Main Weddings

White Bridal Bouquet Ideas

The bouquet for the bride is one of the basic details for your wedding: if you want something classic, perfect for any type of ceremony and really timeless, you should choose white in all its forms. A choice of style, also made ​​the bride of Prince William, Kate Middleton has decided for a small bouquet of delicate white flowers, a tribute to her husband. If you think that white is a color mistaken granted, there: you can play with the shapes and the sizes to create a bouquet with a traditional flavor but with an innovative twist. Continue reading White Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Most Beautiful Bridal Bouquet

One of the most important details for brides is, without a doubt, the bouquet. Today we want to present a roundup of the best to give you the right inspiration for your wedding. Many brides, starting from the bouquet, then they decide all other decorations for their wedding: considering the flowers on the market are many, as well as bouquet types, it will not be easy to decide among so many proposals, all beautiful. With our tips, however, you will certainly be able to find and implement the bouquet of your dreams. Continue reading Most Beautiful Bridal Bouquet

Choose the Right Wedding Bouquet Style

The bouquet of the bride can be of different models. Often it is assumed that the flavors are distinguished by the choice of flowers, but also the combination of the colors. This year are many fashion peonies or green fuchsia or orange fuchsia combination, but you might be packing something completely different, right on playing shape: round or waterfall, single flower or open, colored or monochrome. Let us see what these different types and which are best suited to you according to Andyeducation. Continue reading Choose the Right Wedding Bouquet Style

How Many Roses in a Bridal Bouquet

The bride’s bouquet is really one of the symbols of marriage. There are many girls who are wondering how bouquet must have that day. There really is not a rule. I would say one for convention, but the current trend it signals two. The reason? One is what you hold in your hand across the aisle of the church, the other, however, is to launch, you’ll have to give all’invitata who takes it, destined to be married within the year. Obviously there is nothing that requires this thing is only to you. There are also other theories on the subject, let’s see what. Continue reading How Many Roses in a Bridal Bouquet

Summer Wedding Bouquet Ideas

The bridal bouquet from summer to be colored, original and hold course against the weather and the high temperatures. If you seek the advice for choosing from Sciencedict.com, here for you a lot of possibilities to have beautiful flowers and adapt to the style of your wedding. The suggestion for brides who have to organize their own wedding is to start from your bouquet: certainly many of you will already have in mind the type of bouquet, but above all the colors they love the most. Based on the tones choices then you can even begin to think of all the other floral decorations. Continue reading Summer Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Alexander McQueen Wedding Dress Pippa

If you loved the style of ‘dress worn by Pippa Middleton at the wedding of her sister, you know that now you can buy for your wedding online! It was indeed a model made ​​by Alexander McQueen, such as the famous sister of Kate Middleton. Even the bride’s dress was designed by the same brand: it is clear, however, that Kate’s dress was much more important and perhaps less suitable, unless you marry a prince as she did.The Pippa dress instead is perfect for modern girls, smooth and sensual, without too many frills. Now your dream could come true! Continue reading Alexander McQueen Wedding Dress Pippa

How to Choose a Wedding Dress

One of the most beautiful moments, and certainly the most rewarding in the life of a woman is that of apparel choice wedding dress for their wedding. All my life, most of the women, imagine the time of their wedding as the happiest day of their lives. The only thing really hard but really fun, to do is to choose the wedding dress more in keeping with that which is your own body and your own style, so as to highlight the strengths and hide, on the contrary, all the flaws. In this guide, therefore, we will see how to properly choose a wedding dress.
If we women, particularly, romantic they can affect the more loose clothing, and perhaps with the corset so tight above, if we have beautiful breasts to be highlighted and a point fairly narrow life. If we are too low best to avoid the wide dress, because it is certainly not a dress that slims the figure, but a more suitable dress for women already quite high. If you are low, you opt for a hairstyle raised that there might give away a few inches more and choose the veil (even to frame a narrow face). Continue reading How to Choose a Wedding Dress

Charlene Wittstock Wedding Bouquet

Not only the dress, even the bouquet of white flowers to Charlene Wittstock, the wife of Albert of Monaco was designed by Giorgio Armani. The Italian designer has taken care of every detail of the wedding, to make sure that everything was perfect. Charlene was indeed beautiful, although not beaming: many have noticed the difference between her and Kate Middleton. The second came to the altar always smiling happy as they should be all brides but the same can not be said to Charlene. The Princess of Monaco was still very elegant and chic, thanks to the small bouquet of white flowers. Continue reading Charlene Wittstock Wedding Bouquet

Flowers for the Wedding Bouquet

If you are thinking about your bridal bouquet, 2012, the right choice is undoubtedly the one to bet on colors: spring is in fact an explosion of flowers of all kinds and you’ll be spoiled for choice. A bouquet of colorful flowers will be perfect with any wedding dress, as long as white: if you want to dare choose the brightest colors, but if you prefer a more chic and sophisticated style, do not miss the beautiful pastel colors or those a bit ‘ “dusty” and that stand out less. Play with your imagination and say goodbye to one color: the new decks are indeed colorful and expect to mix different species that bloom during the same period. Continue reading Flowers for the Wedding Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet Ideas for Spring

bridal bouquet from spring to be colorful but mostly follow and celebrate the explosion of colors this season. You will not be spoiled for choice because, if you decide to get married in a month of spring, the flowers that you can use for your bouquet will be endless. The flowers, however, must always be matched to the type of ceremony you want: if you want a chic country style, the wildflowers will be perfect for you, with some more chic touch of peonies and hydrangeas. For a minimal and elegant wedding instead, here it is that orchids can be the perfect solution! Let’s look at some ideas for your spring from the bride’s bouquet. Continue reading Bridal Bouquet Ideas for Spring

Autumn Flower Wedding Arrangements

There is no marriage without its floral component. We do not speak much of the flowers used to decorate the church and other locations chosen for the ceremony and festivities, as the inevitable bouquet, which accompanies all brides, even the less romantic and traditionalist. Inevitably, unlike other accessories, the choice is influenced by the season in progress, but this does not mean that they are less ideas and creativity. For example, what is the autumn bouquet ideal? What are the flowers, the leaves and the trendy colors this season? Discover it with us. Continue reading Autumn Flower Wedding Arrangements

Wedding Floral Arrangements with Orchids

The orchids are flowers beautiful, perfect for creating chic compositions for the wedding. Their elegant lines are much loved by brides, often they decorate centerpieces and bouquets theme. The orchid can be varied much even shades of decoration, because they cover a range of different shades, from dark blue to white, passing through numerous points of pink and purple. How best to combine these flowers so special on their wedding day? The ideas are many, are very well adapted to summer seasons, giving a chic flavor to the ceremony. Continue reading Wedding Floral Arrangements with Orchids

Bridal Sunflower Bouquet Ideas

For a bridal bouquet colorful and cheerful, the sunflowers are a great solution, suitable for different seasons and is perfect to combine with other flowers, it is to compose a monochromatic bouquet in yellow. The sunflower is a symbol of joy and happiness, a typical summer flower, but also often used in fall and spring. The bride who chooses the sunflower as the protagonist of their own floral arrangements is a choice of unique style for your wedding, from jaunty and carefree mood, but, none the less elegant. The sunflower can be interpreted in different ways, you just dial the bouquet in the right way! Continue reading Bridal Sunflower Bouquet Ideas

Bridal Rose Bouquets with Crystals

Choose a bridal bouquet with roses is an idea very dear to brides romantic and chic, who want an elegant and sophisticated style for the day of the wedding. Roses are flowers perfect for different types of compositions, symbol of love and passion for excellence, suitable for many combinations of color, from white to blue. If you look for new ideas for your bouquet with roses, start to select the color theme and the mood you want to give to your reception. You will surely find the rose for you! Continue reading Bridal Rose Bouquets with Crystals