USB to DB9 Serial Adapter

The Universal Serial Bus cable, better known as the USB cable, was created in 1990 as a format to standardize cables ports. USB cables are now one of the most popular forms of connectors and slots.The D- underwater also known as the DB9 is a connector used to carry signals /audio video and data over a cable. Most computers have a DB9 connection since it is the basis of the used cable when you connect your computer to a monitor. A USB to DB9 connection is a simple task that you can perform with an adapter cable. Things you need

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Set Up Solar Power System Home

Use of energy with environmental awareness is a topic on everyone’s lips. It is discussed, where energy can be recovered and which can lead to permanent damage of the environment. Even with the lighting energy-inefficient bulbs will be forbidden (ban on incandescent lamps) and new alternatives created (energy saving and LED lamps).

The great magic word that always today achieved a positive effect, is “PV”: the transformation of the energy of sunlight into electrical energy.For this purpose solar cells are used which absorb the light energy and store it in a battery. Large photovoltaic systems can be installed for example on rooftops. Given that the number of electrical appliances in households is rising steadily, the solar technology is very attractive in terms of conscientious application of modern technology.

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