WEEK Maternity (V): Adaptations/Tuenos Clothing

Today, the day is dedicated to the tune or adaptations of clothes that we have in the cupboard to take advantage of them during pregnancy.
Today the collaborations are in charge of…

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Beautiful Tunics

Beautiful tunics

Soft flowing fabrics, feminine cuts and a variety of patterns: Featuring the tunics in our range. The blouses are among the classics in the world of fashion and are popular as a simple combination partner. It is estimated the airy clothes that belong today to the fashionable life burners since ancient times. They are for sporting pants as well as to narrow Suspender. In combination with long skirts, they emphasize the feminine silhouette teen naughty they act to the current mini. On a hot day, the tunic of bikini and swimsuit replaced the dress. Back tunics from light transparent fabrics and colorful patterns, to each bar in the right light.

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Beautiful Summer Dresses

Gorgeous colorful summer dresses

as soon as the temperatures are warmer, our hearts beat faster, because finally it is again so far: the Kleidersaison begins! No matter whether mini – or Maxi dress, at the huge variety of dress variants a matching piece is for every taste and every occasion. Not only for a beach holiday, but also for recreational, professional and evening cocktail parties will find a matching piece. Because when the temperatures are warmer, there is a prettier and more comfortable garment, as a summer dress. Particularly airy cut dresses made of light materials provide a pleasant wearing feeling despite warm temperatures and provide the necessary cooling.

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