Kahuna, a Kayak-Tent

For those who enjoy camping and boats, there’s an interesting novelty: the Kahuna is a kayak, but quite different from the conventional Kayak. He’s not driven only by rowing but also by pedals – similar to a paddle boat. Another difference is that it has a stabilizer on the side, similar to what you see in the Hawaiian canoes. But the attention is the ability to set up a tent on the structure. That’s right: it is designed so that, between the kayak and the stabilizer, can be erected a tent specially designed for that. Continue reading Kahuna, a Kayak-Tent

3/4 People Tent Will Be Perfect

One of the main concerns of the people in the hour of camping is the choice of quality equipment to give a peaceful stay and smoothly. Count on a wide tent gives a full rest and prepare the adventurers to the news that the nature reserve after the dawn. Bet on tent Indy 3/4 people is an attractive and extremely effective solution. Worth knowing more sink this tent, your family and your friends will love this equipment. Continue reading 3/4 People Tent Will Be Perfect

How to Cook While Camping

How to cook without a kitchen? The question is not trivial. Camping, the easiest is to eat cold. But who says cold does not necessarily bad dishes. And make hot dishes, that’s possible too!

The gas stove is the friend of the camper. There are different sizes depending on your needs.Children have one or two fires and allow you to heat stoves and pans. However, plan even when simple things, and not too sophisticated dishes.

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