Take Advantage to Bring Reindeer on Your Jersey before The End of Christmas

It is curious how there are certain patterns and garments that once last Christmas have no place in any closet. During these holidays, anyone is charming with a Christmas sweater, as the reindeer or snowflakes, but can you imagine the ridicule that the same person can do with that same garment in February? Continue reading Take Advantage to Bring Reindeer on Your Jersey before The End of Christmas

Recco Lingerie Nightgowns!

See The Sweaters And Other Clothes To Sleep The Recco Lingerie

The Recco Lingerie has increasingly established as an excellent brand of shirts, baby dollsand short dolls, with delicious and comfortable clothes to sleep at all times of the year. Their models are not only beautiful, but the main need and desire for who wants to buy a sweater: the comfort! Continue reading Recco Lingerie Nightgowns!

Millionaire Cardigan-Pořádký Piece Of Cashmere

A few years ago, when we were preparing the enlargement of the assortment of the offered goods Our site, for the first time about cashmere sweaters I caught the eye of interesting men’s jumper, which was the name of the “Millionaires ‘cardigan’. At first glance it looked attractive, sweater chic and with genuine flavors. But she stopped me price – even within a brand Woolen Sweaters was extremely high. Decoding of the name of the sweater had several phases. The word was clear – a longer cardigan Cardigan in, named after Lord Carniganovi (the seventh in the order), the hero from Balaclavy that similar sweaters outfitted its soldiers to protect them from the adverse weather krymským. (By the way – a relatively short and today few major Crimean War into men’s clothing more than probably the history–cardigan, raglan sleeves, knitted Balaclava in Anglophone countries says balaclava, are all from this unorthodox campaign.) And the word millionaire, in conjunction with a look at the price tag, than just a millionaire can afford such a sweater.

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How to Wear Leather Leggings to Work

This look was shot in a parking lot on the roof of a department store. This parking could be the setting for a scene from a James Bond movie, do not you think? But seriously, it is in this article how to wear leggings or leather pants to the office.

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Long Sleeve Cardigans

Cardigans: warm companion for the year

Modern cardigans you get away with top fashionable all season. There are the various tops in numerous versions, so that you may enjoy here a particular selection. No matter, whether in fancy neon colours or classic with fine embroidery – in the sweaters there is something for every taste. Long sleeve Cardigan are the timeless classics for ladies with button placket and neckline. You end around in the hip, are figure-emphasizing cut and can be perfectly combined. This discreet cardigans with long sleeve provides you with the ideal companion to the manual for the leisure as well as for the profession.

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The Importance of Belts

Each belt is worn in the middle band or braid used for cohesion and better fit of the clothes. So the definition. Perhaps that was many years ago.Today the belt has already taken other functions. We do not need our belts to keep our clothes, but to decorate them. For many modern tunics or dresses just heard a fancy belt. The least belts are still made of leather. Mostly they are finely tuned to the garments, either in a contrasting color or of the same material as the garment.

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Oversized Clothing for Mens

There are not that strong women who struggle to find clothes for both class and suitable to their morphology. Strong men meet, too, some problems about it. But there is a way to remedy this because men’s fashion now offers a wide range of clothes for strong men. But how to choose plus size clothing for men? And where to find?

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Large Sizes for Children

Large sizes for children: strong combination basics and fashion highlights

People with larger sizes are often confronted with prejudices. This is a challenge especially for children. Comfortable in his skin, strengthens the self-confidence of your child. Contributes to this strengthening of the personality as well as suitable clothing. The online shop of bridgat presents large size for children in his usual variety. The jeans specialist John Baner offers jeans in many designs as well as sporty casual shirts, sweaters and dresses. The 16bpc collection explore basics for every day, fashionable variants or garments for special occasions. These include outfits for festivities as well as function fashion for leisure and outdoor area. The clear sorting functions allow a fast find matching clothes for girl and boys.

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Turtleneck Sweater

Turtlenecks: dressed warm in the cool days

Include turtlenecks grubby weather such as umbrellas, scarves and warm shoes. So you must not freeze, outside, you will find a wide selection of cuddly warm turtlenecks at bridgat. Especially in the cold season, it is to dress in order to prevent colds and unpleasant freezing warm. The neck is considered especially vulnerable at this time. Draughts, freezing cold or icy winds can cause a sore throat in the blink of an eye. Turtlenecks in fashionable manner, protect these environmental influences and keep your body warm. The warm sweater are not only practical, but also boast a versatile designs, colours, materials and patterns.

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Maternity Tops

Maternity tops by bridgat

A pregnant woman should let go everything with much calm, pampered and treat yourself to something in particular. Thanks to the extensive range of maternity wear, expectant mothers nine months unlimited fashion anticipation enjoy. Women can dress modern also in pregnancy and look great.


Tops the maternity clothes are not only comfortable and beautiful, but also functional.
The future Mommy’s make fashionable and chic pregnancy fashion online a very good figure. By leger and casual about everyday use until to elegant and glamorous women find their very own maternity favorite shell. The range of pregnancy fashion at bridgat includes shirts, blouses, tunics, boleros but also sweaters, coats and jackets. The selected range of exclusive maternity wear online rounds off the extensive repertoire of pregnancy fashion tops for festive occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or other celebrations.

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Fashionable Sweaters with Affordable Price

Fashion – is a capricious lady to change, sometimes quite cardinal. What is true literally last season, may be unfashionable in the future. So what awaits us in the future in 2016? What to wear? Identify several trends.

What do they wear fashionable sweaters and cardigans in 2016?

Which colors will be hot? In fact, there is nothing you can safely buy blouses favorite shades in the end, if your tone goes, this jacket in any case be stylish. But it’s better to give preference to shades restrained, calm and gentle, for example, or ivory. Such tones emphasize femininity.

What do they wear fashionable sweaters and cardigans in?

Current and green, nearly all blue, brown sand. In trend and the usual for all classic colors: white, black and gray. In addition, you can purchase a sweater beautiful burgundy, wine or plum color. Appropriate and passionate red, but also its nuances.

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Jackets to Wear over Sweaters

Menswear finally did so expectations turn towards elegant, but very comfortable clothing. The first examples of this came with the new autumn collections of stylists who already allow the stronger sex to wear sweaters under jackets. And not only allow, but even impose this trend. Of course, it affects mainly the fashion for everyday and partly biznesstila. The collection of one of the most famous brands in the industry – Italian fashion house “Ermenegildo Zegna” almost all the costumes for everyday life are passed in the spirit of the new fashion.

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What Pants to Wear with Sweater

Trousers and sweater is a classic combination, especially suitable for the winter months. On the one hand gives you warmth and comfort when worn, the other – the combination is suitable as an office attire without being too casual or too formal.

Slim cut trousers and a long sweater. Waisted trousers visually elongate your legs and make your figure look even more elegant and waisted and long sweater gives you freedom and comfort without depriving you of style!

Gray slacks and a black sweater. Of course, I have a suggestion for men, especially for those who like clean style. Besides elegance, a combination of gray and black speaks of strong character and personality. If you are looking for a way to express yourself – bet on this combination.

Elegant blue trousers and a white sweater.  If you like to add a touch of extravagance clothing – that’s trousers for you! And if your favorite color is blue – it that trousers must be present in your closet! Combine white sweater to protect yourself from the cold weather and keep friendly appearance!