Apps Vs. Web Apps

Mobile Internet is the future
I currently have two smartphones that I use every day. The iPhone 3GS and the Samsung i7500 . Both smartphones have a very good app store, which I also diligently use, but I am again and again that I always use only one app-the Webkit browser. Webkit is a free HTML rendering library that allows you to build a browser. Webkit has the roots at the company Apple, but is now used by Symbian OS, Android, the Web OS and, of course, the iPhone OS.The Webkit-based browser is one of the best mobile browsers I’ve ever used-but only with a capacitive touch screen and a decent, big display, they play their absolute strengths. Continue reading Apps Vs. Web Apps

Mcguider Europe

Navigation for Smartphones
Mobile phones are no longer what they once were, they can do so much more today. Smartphones are the new info terminals with complete access to the Internet, a snapshot camera, a Mp3 player and, of course, a navigation system, along with a GPS receiver. With the McGuider Europa 2009 , a fully functional onboard navigation system can be purchased for almost 70 Euros, which does not have to hide from a TomTom or a Garmin. On board means that the cards are stored on the mobile phone and do not need to be retrieved via the internet connection for the planned route. Continue reading Mcguider Europe

Some Best Transparent Covers for Google Pixel

Not yet released in Brazil, the new Google Pixel has given what to speak. The smartphone-this time produced entirely by Google and not a partner like the Nexus line-has been teasing its Apple rivals and is already being sold in the United States. The Android Central site brought together the top 5 transparent covers for Google Pixel and we adapted the list of these covers, each one describing them.In this way, you can already plan for a possible arrival of any of these items in the Brazilian market, or if you travel to American cities like New York orLos Angeles , you can know exactly what to buy.Check it out below! Continue reading Some Best Transparent Covers for Google Pixel

The Htc Hero

…and other little things
And a few more impressions from the HTC Hero that I have today simply taken to the shopping spree. The battery was fully charged, UMTS activated, the memory card filled with music and soon the battery was tormented. I can not wait to go back to the hotel, I will be back in the future. Here the hero had to give everything, tweet, check emails, Wikipedia, Google Reader, Skype… the sun has not disturbed and the lightly loaded UMTS network has also been through-the Hero is really a very good companion. In cross format, the Android chin makes itself felt positively. You can hold the Hero loosely in one hand, your chin catches your fingers, and you can balance your smartphone with one hand without having to worry about falling out of your hand, as I’ve seen at the HTC Diamond 2. Also the coated display is very good, once wipe and already the accumulated fat disappeared. The Teflon surface makes the Hero beautifully handy, only printer black one can see on the white housing well, but also one can remove with a damp napkin quickly and easily. Continue reading The Htc Hero

We Tested the Moto 360

Smart watches or smartwatches are on the rise;The great brands of smartphones have directed in recent months their efforts to take the pulse of users, but few did so prominently as Motorola and its Moto 360.

The highlight is not for nothing:it is beautiful and round and is the closest thing to a traditional wristwatch, something to try to accept the idea that smartwatches can one day replace the accessory that has become so iconic in our society . Continue reading We Tested the Moto 360

Canadians Develop Holographic Smartphone

Holodecks are only available on Star Trek. This does not mean, however, that interaction via holograms is pure future music. At the Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada, a flexible holographic smartphone has been developed, which is called HoloFlex.

Holographic Smartphone With Flexible OLED Display

A research team at the Canadian Queen’s University has developed the first holographic smartphone. The flexible HoloFlex smartphone is able to display 3D holograms. In addition to the university blog, this reports the magazine phoneArena and at the same time brakes the enthusiasm.Thus, the resolution is 160 x 104 pixels and is thus comparable with earlier 3D postcards. No eye-candy, but something we have not seen on any smartphone so far. Continue reading Canadians Develop Holographic Smartphone

Samsung Gear S3 Is Smart Clock Does Not Need Smartphone

To function independently, watch received sensors present on mobile phones as GPS, which will help user to follow routes on maps

Unlike with smartphones, the market for smart watches shows still have plenty of room to evolve. Samsung used the IFA 2016, greater international fair of electronics in Europe to introduce a new model, the Samsung S3 Gear. The main advantage is the end of the need for a smartphone to make device work. Both devices can work together or separately. Continue reading Samsung Gear S3 Is Smart Clock Does Not Need Smartphone

Samsung Announces New Line Top Line Speakers

Through a press release to the international press, Samsung today announced the Level family, its new line of “premium” audio devices.The line-up of the series is composed of three headphones and a speaker with NFC , all designed especially to work in conjunction with the smartphones and tablets manufactured by South Korea. Continue reading Samsung Announces New Line Top Line Speakers

The 8 Best Android Phones of 2017

If you are looking for a mobile phone and you have clear that you want it to be Android, this selection will be very useful. We have included models of different brands and with varied features, for lovers of photography or for those who prefer music … Discover our analysis and choose the model you like. Continue reading The 8 Best Android Phones of 2017

Change Notifications of Samsung with Good Lock

This week the App that we took of ‘ mira ‘ and one dedicated only to Samsung devices, can be found on the store of Galaxy App but you can also directly download the APK file if there appears in searches. Good lock gives us a slightly different experience than the usual TouchWiz, change completely the notification Center, both on the top is in the unlock screen.

Custom LockScreen

We start therefore from the latter: from the settings application we can create different profiles, called “Routine”, we can add variety so you can take advantage of various customizations throughout the day. We can then choose colors, animations, and widgets to add to your lockscreen although, truth be told, they don’t have much sense: we cannot interact with these widgets as we usually do on the classic home creen. However, to access these widgets just a swype downwards into the unlock screen. Continue reading Change Notifications of Samsung with Good Lock