Sleeping Bag Approaching the Bed

Quechua has launched a new sleeping bags that want to resemble a bed. More and more campers are looking for a comfortable rest in the camp and the new Quechua sleeping bed sacks are what they try to achieve, comfort for sleeping in the middle of the countryside or mountain. Continue reading Sleeping Bag Approaching the Bed

How to Maintain a Sleeping Bag

From choosing your sleeping bag will depend on your camp fun: if you are cold every night, the camp is less fun if you are warm. We reassure you right away, the super sleeping bag does not necessarily costing a fortune. And often, proper maintenance will make your sleeping bag a faithful companion of many legendary nights!

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Ideal Sleeping Bag Buying Guide

Sleeping bags are a great way to allow a person to rest with a comfortable temperature anywhere, regardless of whether you are at sea, mountain or camping. This way you will be able to rest in peace even in case of inclement weather.

Let us remember that the operation of a sleeping bag is not to keep warm but to avoid loss of heat outside, or retain the heat produced inside our body.

The solution for “safeguard your sleep” is not to install any sleeping bag, but choosing the best: durable and easy to carry; not all sleeping bags are the same!

The main things to consider before you buy a sleeping bag for kids are suggested by Pimasleepingbags as follows:

  1. the shape;
  2. stuffing;
  3. the temperature.

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