The look: Oxford are simple Lace leather with a closed lacing and with a straight-cut cap.  If the Oxfords have a winged front cap and a hole adornment on the toe, they are called Full Brogue. The narrow shoe comes from the elegant world of the men’s fashion and has also prevailed in the ladies’ world in recent years. The vintage hype and the preppy look were particularly impressive. Oxfords have their name from their home town. In the mid-nineteenth century, the students of the Oxford College made the lace-up shoes popular. Oxords are available in the typical brown and black, but also in many pastel shades such as rosé, cream or light blue. Two-color oxfords look particularly beautiful.  Continue reading Oxfords

Sleep Disorders Are Common During Pregnancy

Evil nights sleep bring serious consequences in everyday life of the future mothers

Hormonal changes, the overweight, the tummy that does not help in choosing a comfortable position, the willingness to go to the bathroom all the time at night and changes in metabolism are among the main reasons for the decrease in quality of sleepduring pregnancy. “Sleep disorders in pregnant and lactating women are not necessarily a disease, but symptoms that indicate that something is wrong and needs to be fixed,” says Aneesa Quental, the homeopathic medical São Paulo Association of Homeopathy (APH). Continue reading Sleep Disorders Are Common During Pregnancy

Time Of Pregnancy – Gestational Age Calculator

At the end of this article we have a pregnancy calculator you can calculate the time of gestation, when will be the probable date of birth and to estimate which was the day the conception.

But before resorting to the calculator, it pays to understand how it is done the calculation of gestational age.

It is common knowledge that a pregnancy lasts an average of 9 months. However, as soon as the pregnant woman passes to attend prenatal consultations, she discovers that the your obstetrician doesn’t count the time of pregnancy in months, but in weeks. For anyone who’s not used to this way of counting the gestational age, everything seems more complicated. After all, 17 weeks is how many months again? Wouldn’t it be easier if the doctor say that the woman is in the fourth month of pregnancy? Continue reading Time Of Pregnancy – Gestational Age Calculator

Recco Lingerie Nightgowns!

See The Sweaters And Other Clothes To Sleep The Recco Lingerie

The Recco Lingerie has increasingly established as an excellent brand of shirts, baby dollsand short dolls, with delicious and comfortable clothes to sleep at all times of the year. Their models are not only beautiful, but the main need and desire for who wants to buy a sweater: the comfort! Continue reading Recco Lingerie Nightgowns!

History of Boxer Shorts

Derived from the loose, full cut shorts worn by professional boxers in the ring, the boxer made of cotton or silk pants with elastic waist, back and button front closure. The only form of underwear that can still be made to measure, many versions have openings in their sides to allow for easy movement and to be discreet in a well-cut suit. The term is often shortened to just “boxer”.

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Types of Shorts

With shorts through the summer

The name of shorts comes from the English of ‘short’ for ‘short’ and is in this case. So shorts shorts may hot ladies, they must end on the middle of the thigh. Are they longer, they are considered generally as Bermuda, shorter pants are Hot Pants. While bermudas and shorts look good on all women, the fans of Hot Pants are usually rather young and athletic.

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