The Htc Hero

…and other little things
And a few more impressions from the HTC Hero that I have today simply taken to the shopping spree. The battery was fully charged, UMTS activated, the memory card filled with music and soon the battery was tormented. I can not wait to go back to the hotel, I will be back in the future. Here the hero had to give everything, tweet, check emails, Wikipedia, Google Reader, Skype… the sun has not disturbed and the lightly loaded UMTS network has also been through-the Hero is really a very good companion. In cross format, the Android chin makes itself felt positively. You can hold the Hero loosely in one hand, your chin catches your fingers, and you can balance your smartphone with one hand without having to worry about falling out of your hand, as I’ve seen at the HTC Diamond 2. Also the coated display is very good, once wipe and already the accumulated fat disappeared. The Teflon surface makes the Hero beautifully handy, only printer black one can see on the white housing well, but also one can remove with a damp napkin quickly and easily. Continue reading The Htc Hero