Know The Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Some symptoms can start as soon as you start the production of the hormone BHCG, even before the failure of menstruation

Expecting a baby is a magical moment in the lives of women. But it is true that, often, pregnancy gets some of them by surprise.

The first suspicion arises, usually after one or more days late on period-that in the case of regular menstrual cycles. But, it is worth noting that this, although the best known, is not the only sign of pregnancy.

When a woman gets pregnant, your body starts a series of transformations to facilitate interaction between the metabolism of mother and baby. Due to this fact, begin to emerge the pregnancy symptoms, which vary greatly from person to person. Continue reading Know The Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Care After Pregnancy

Not just the baby, but you also need care after pregnancy.

After childbirth, it is common to pay special attention to the baby, however, it is essential to remember that the mother also needs a autodedicação and care after pregnancy. It is common for the physical and psychological exhaustion in this period. Sleepless nights, anxiety, fear of not being a good mother, irritability as if it were a TPM without end and a change in your daily routine. Continue reading Care After Pregnancy

Massage During Pregnancy

The massages are ancestral practice with enormous benefits for the body. Their utilities are numerous, responding to a wide range of needs of the human body.

Taking this into account, it is natural that massages during pregnancy is seen as quite advantageous. The massage helps pregnant and the baby relax, reduce your anxiety, and decrease the natural weariness of this phase of life. Continue reading Massage During Pregnancy

Home Remedy for Nausea in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special moment in the life of a couple, but the woman who suffers the symptoms and hormonal changes, if there are a few lucky ones who spend one without feeling nausea gravide, other suffer with this problem. The morning sickness is one of the most common symptoms of a pregnancy, although the name say they morning can happen throughout the day, are more frequent in the first quarter, until about the 16 weeks, but can occur throughout pregnancy. Varies from organism to organism. Continue reading Home Remedy for Nausea in Pregnancy

How To Avoid Stretch Marks In Pregnancy

Learn what precautions are needed with the skin to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time in my life woman, but it is also a time when the body undergoes several changes and so it takes some care. With the weight gain, skin elasticity comes to your limit and then the stretch marks. To not keep definitive marks on the skin, it pays to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Continue reading How To Avoid Stretch Marks In Pregnancy

Gymnastics in Pregnancy

In this article you can find the benefits of gymnastics in pregnancy, as well as what the most appropriate exercises.

Pregnancy is a very special time in the life of any woman, since he has a new life growing inside of you.

As such, the mother-to-be has to have extra care to the baby grow correctly and healthy.

Pregnancy is not a disease, and as such, doesn’t mean to stay the entire time resting. Continue reading Gymnastics in Pregnancy

Fun Ways to Announce Pregnancy

After the positive, passing the euphoria, the pregnant woman begins to think of a unique way to announce your pregnancy to the future father, family members or friends, there are several ways to make it fun.

Most of the pregnant women or couples choose only for revealing to the world the pregnancy after the end of the third month, when the risk of something going wrong decreases enough.

If you are looking for a fun way to announce your pregnancy to your friends we leave here some ideas, but we expect you to share ideas and expand this list. Continue reading Fun Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Tips To Get Back Into Shape After Pregnancy

Stay beautiful after the arrival of the baby

After nine months of much anticipation, your baby has arrived and you’re going to need your care and attention almost full-time. Despite being a time of lots of fun and excitement, it is also time to start thinking about recovering the physical form. Continue reading Tips To Get Back Into Shape After Pregnancy

How to Treat Cramps in Pregnancy

When doing sports, one of the most common sensations are the cramps. The muscles are tired, and associated with the lack of some minerals may lead to muscle contraction.

However, the cramps do not occur only to those who do sports. They are also very common in pregnancy.

In this article you can learn more about what they are, what their causes and how to treat cramps pregnancy. Continue reading How to Treat Cramps in Pregnancy

Hard Belly in Pregnancy

Many pregnant women complain that the stomach is so hard that it looks like it’s going to explode. The hardening the belly are the contractions.

As a rule, the pregnant body starts preparing for childbirth from the 25 weeks, but can happen earlier, are the famous training contractions or Braxton Hicks.

These uterine contractions can occur multiple times during the day, with or without pain, this time must find a more comfortable position and breathe slowly, if these contractions arise in very small time intervals should consult your doctor. Continue reading Hard Belly in Pregnancy

Plastic Surgery After Pregnancy

Ask questions about postpartum plastic surgery

The pregnancy is without doubt one of the most striking moments in the life of a woman, but it is also a period when intense emotional and physical changes occur. The breasts can be fallen, the abdomen, back and hips may be accumulation of fat, sagging and can still arise the terrible stretch marks. Continue reading Plastic Surgery After Pregnancy

Step-by-step Pregnancy Week 31

Entered the final stage of your pregnancy, there are now 9 weeks and 63 days, the body begins to prepare for childbirth, can begin to feel the contractions training calls or braxton Hicks, these have a duration of about 30 to 60 seconds, are rhythmic and are irregular when the feel should seek to change position and rest. Another mod that can start to feel it in your chest is the output of a little liquid, called colostrum. Continue reading Step-by-step Pregnancy Week 31