Plus Size: Set the Look with Elegance

Specialist reveals tricks to enhance chubby women’s silhouette

Fashion plus size has been gaining more and more space in the fashion universe, allowing women chubby to enhance their styles with each new season! The trend is already prominent in collections of famous brands, and even reason for major events, such as Fashion Weekend Plus Size, recently held in São Paulo. Continue reading Plus Size: Set the Look with Elegance

Plus Size Fashion: 3 Reasons to Start Reselling

In recent years the Brazilian eating habits have changed dramatically, and also due to unhealthy sedentary routines, the result is an increase in the weight of the population in General. Despite the high Ministry of Health’s efforts to combat this situation, the reality is that a significant percentage of the population is overweight.The situation could be resolved in the long term, but in the present, resell plus size fashion, represents an important market niche and that cannot be disregarded.

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Tips for Plus Size Dressing

They are small and powerful…

…dann are dresses in A line very good you. They conceal and are wonderfully comfortable. Also wide tunics to a narrow pants or leggings are ideal companions. Styling tricks: Better without stripes, short tops or kast-jackets-which apply quickly and squeezes the silhouette.

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Lingerie Plus Size: Beautiful Curves Packed Female Curves

How to find plus size lingerie in particular Bras with the right seat? What is it, if a bra properly and not backing off? Questions themselves have asked women so or something like that with the wide range of characters. A bra is as comfortable wearing woman not feel it? The woman with a straight back can go? We have asked an expert in matters of lingerie plus size and she has written on many suggestions and stories us for you. Thank you, love Sonja Stelzer of beautiful curves. Continue reading Lingerie Plus Size: Beautiful Curves Packed Female Curves

Oversized Clothing for Mens

There are not that strong women who struggle to find clothes for both class and suitable to their morphology. Strong men meet, too, some problems about it. But there is a way to remedy this because men’s fashion now offers a wide range of clothes for strong men. But how to choose plus size clothing for men? And where to find?

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Large Sizes for Children

Large sizes for children: strong combination basics and fashion highlights

People with larger sizes are often confronted with prejudices. This is a challenge especially for children. Comfortable in his skin, strengthens the self-confidence of your child. Contributes to this strengthening of the personality as well as suitable clothing. The online shop of bridgat presents large size for children in his usual variety. The jeans specialist John Baner offers jeans in many designs as well as sporty casual shirts, sweaters and dresses. The 16bpc collection explore basics for every day, fashionable variants or garments for special occasions. These include outfits for festivities as well as function fashion for leisure and outdoor area. The clear sorting functions allow a fast find matching clothes for girl and boys.

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XXL Pants & Jeans for Girls

Girl pants in XXL: jeans and leggings in the online shop of bridgat

The selection of girl pants XXL is high in the online shop of bridgat. You have the choice between classic Denims with straight cut or fashionable design with flared leg. There are also tight-fitting pants, and also the top current leggings can assist with the girls pants for large sizes available. Also worth a look on the beautiful tops and jackets, because offers girls are extremely versatile pants in XXL.

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Sweat and Fleece Jackets

Pretty sweat-& fleeces for the sportive wardrobe

At bridgat you will find chic Sweat-& fleece jackets in various colours and cuts as attractive fashion basics for your sporting wardrobe. Sweat-& fleece jackets give warmth with her soft fuzzy inner lining. Ladies wear these practical and strong combination jackets over T-Shirts, blouses or sweaters made of thin material.

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Children XXL Fashion

Makes large sizes for girls – fashion, fun

Pretty XXL models of our colorful kids little girls are attracted to optimally. The clothing in plus sizes sits even with strong character and ensures a good fashion mood in everyday life. At bridgat, you get large sizes for girls in different designs. Our product range of leggings on dresses to jeans and jumpsuits. The peculiarity of our XXL – children’s clothing is the refined fit: are further cut on the waist and hips and also feature an adjustable waist trousers. The girl dresses have on the chest and waist about 4 cm more extent than the normal size.

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Panties in Larger Sizes

Lingerie in larger sizes

Panties size ladies with curves offer comfortable wearing comfort in an attractive design. Fashionable cuts and appealing details to make real gems from the underwear. Here you will discover briefs for large sizes in huge selection. Of course, you get all sizes at the same price.

Colorful variety with panties from bridgat

Boring panties in large sizes from white rib thing of the past. The current lingerie fashions for women presented in large sizes varied and colourful. Tight strings of up to covering is extends the versatile collection. Simple basics for everyday life are convenient and inexpensive in attractive multiple packs also pleasing. Sexy lingerie from shimmering fabrics adorned with delicate lace are of course also in the selection of panties in large sizes. You order the bra in a suitable design to also request.

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Plus Size Dresses for Special Occasions

Special occasion dresses for plus sizes? No problem, just respect the proportions and choose a cut that enhances the silhouette. For inspiration, look at the clothes in hoticle.

Who says find plus size formal wear is a problem? However, when we receive a participation tend to get into the balloon. Let’s go to a wedding is nice but how much hassle from charge, starting precisely from the drama of “I have nothing to wear”. And things get complicated if we recently put on a few extra pounds and all there is in the cloakroom there is fine. Continue reading Plus Size Dresses for Special Occasions