Seven Pieces to Assemble Your Essential Jewelry Holder

Every woman has a favorite jewel, which can be used in various occasions. In some cases, the play becomes a kind of second skin, and we can’t even get out of the House without her! But, what parts can be regarded as indispensable in jewel, those that we “must-have”? In today’s post we present a selection with the h. Stern jewelry models. Check out:

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Ruin with Pearls and Zirconia

We continue our special series of New Year’s Festivities here on the blog!It’s still November, but there’s already Panetone on the supermarket shelves, the mystery about Chester’s true identity continues to intrigue everyone, and a lot of people are starting to get confused about what to buy as a gift.And, of course, what to wear on the long-awaited night of the upset.

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Silver Earrings Purple Flower

These small violet flower silver earrings with natural pearl is unique and was handcrafted. It has the shape of the violet flower and each petal was satin one by one, handmade. Therefore, it presents a special and unique brightness of an illuminated violet flower. In the center is a natural freshwater pearl, also known as baroque pearl. As the meaning of the Violet Flower is loyalty and therefore, this jewelry is indicated to symbolize the friendship and can be used on special occasions. Therefore, if you like unique, sophisticated and differentiated jewelry, these earrings are the ideal gift.

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Marilyn Monroe and Her Jewels

Diamonds are A girl’s best friends -this famous and much-quoted song performed Marilyn Monroe in 1953 in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical gentlemen prefer blondes. There, she played the role of Lorelei, whose Leidenschaft for diamonds so convincingly interpreted, that it in 1954 with the Photoplay award was awarded as best actress. The musical itself enjoyed immense popularity and was intending modified subsequently and copied – by none other than including Madonna, Nicole Kidman and Kylie Minogue. A distinctive feature is by Marilyn Monroe during the song listed by Pink dress with her sparkling diamond jewelry. At her appearance, she is surrounded by numerous men in suit and tie.

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Necklaces: Accessory for All Tastes

Who never was almost ready to go, suddenly looked in the mirror and realized “Damn, you’re missing a necklace that neck!” Cast the first stone. The necklaces are Accessories versatile and exist in various formats, which makes them usable in almost any occasion.

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