Tips for Wearing Wide Leg Pants

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How to Wear Leather Leggings to Work

This look was shot in a parking lot on the roof of a department store. This parking could be the setting for a scene from a James Bond movie, do not you think? But seriously, it is in this article how to wear leggings or leather pants to the office.

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How to Choose a Leather Mens Jacket

In this new part of the look of the seducer, let’s talk about tips and essential advice to choose his leather vest…

The leather jacket

It is simply a must. Be it in the fall or spring, or even in the winter days when the thermometer shows positive, the leather jacket is a good way to combine elegance and casual chic. It fits with just about all types of shirts, all pants, with all types of shoes, but also with a variety of accessories (scarf, tie, belt). However, the error would be to believe that we can put any jacket and that we can grant it no matter how.

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Kids & Teens Clothing

Children’s clothing for boys and girls by bridgat

The rich range of kid’s fashion online store excited children as parents. Here you will find the correct fashion for the small ones for every occasion. The wide product range includes jackets, shirts, knitwear and jeans for both sexes as well as beautiful skirts and dresses for girls. Whether comfortable and practical for everyday use, festive for holidays and family birthday or simply colourful and decorated with the favorite characters of your children: you’ll find it at bridgat.

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The Importance of Belts

Each belt is worn in the middle band or braid used for cohesion and better fit of the clothes. So the definition. Perhaps that was many years ago.Today the belt has already taken other functions. We do not need our belts to keep our clothes, but to decorate them. For many modern tunics or dresses just heard a fancy belt. The least belts are still made of leather. Mostly they are finely tuned to the garments, either in a contrasting color or of the same material as the garment.

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Oversized Clothing for Mens

There are not that strong women who struggle to find clothes for both class and suitable to their morphology. Strong men meet, too, some problems about it. But there is a way to remedy this because men’s fashion now offers a wide range of clothes for strong men. But how to choose plus size clothing for men? And where to find?

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Large Sizes for Children

Large sizes for children: strong combination basics and fashion highlights

People with larger sizes are often confronted with prejudices. This is a challenge especially for children. Comfortable in his skin, strengthens the self-confidence of your child. Contributes to this strengthening of the personality as well as suitable clothing. The online shop of bridgat presents large size for children in his usual variety. The jeans specialist John Baner offers jeans in many designs as well as sporty casual shirts, sweaters and dresses. The 16bpc collection explore basics for every day, fashionable variants or garments for special occasions. These include outfits for festivities as well as function fashion for leisure and outdoor area. The clear sorting functions allow a fast find matching clothes for girl and boys.

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Homewear for Women

Ladies homewear – good feel clothing for home

make you it is with our wonderfully soft homewear range for ladies so right cozy. No matter, whether cuddly after work in front of the TV, in bed or at the breakfast on the weekends, experience the oasis of well-being in fashion with our comfortable casual wear. Feel comfort and cosiness and try the convenient homewear clothes for ladies of high quality and at a reasonable price. It is but the most beautiful fantastic ladies homewear in assorted.

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Jackets & Snow Suits

Snow suits and warm jackets for the winter

As soon as the first white Flake at the window past trickles, are no longer in the House to keep the most children: sledge, Bob and Luge fetched nimbly out of the basement, the first snowball fights begin. Children need warm, waterproof clothing for the big snow. The bridgat Onlineshop offers rugged snow suits and jackets, which reassured on the toboggan run can send your small snowmen and snow women.

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XXL Pants & Jeans for Girls

Girl pants in XXL: jeans and leggings in the online shop of bridgat

The selection of girl pants XXL is high in the online shop of bridgat. You have the choice between classic Denims with straight cut or fashionable design with flared leg. There are also tight-fitting pants, and also the top current leggings can assist with the girls pants for large sizes available. Also worth a look on the beautiful tops and jackets, because offers girls are extremely versatile pants in XXL.

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Children XXL Fashion

Makes large sizes for girls – fashion, fun

Pretty XXL models of our colorful kids little girls are attracted to optimally. The clothing in plus sizes sits even with strong character and ensures a good fashion mood in everyday life. At bridgat, you get large sizes for girls in different designs. Our product range of leggings on dresses to jeans and jumpsuits. The peculiarity of our XXL – children’s clothing is the refined fit: are further cut on the waist and hips and also feature an adjustable waist trousers. The girl dresses have on the chest and waist about 4 cm more extent than the normal size.

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Types of Shorts

With shorts through the summer

The name of shorts comes from the English of ‘short’ for ‘short’ and is in this case. So shorts shorts may hot ladies, they must end on the middle of the thigh. Are they longer, they are considered generally as Bermuda, shorter pants are Hot Pants. While bermudas and shorts look good on all women, the fans of Hot Pants are usually rather young and athletic.

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Women’s Tank Tops

Tank tops are a must for the fashionable summer wardrobe today

The airy sleeveless shirts are popular especially in the warm season. Her name reminds of an early form of the bathing suit at the end of the 1960s, the so-called tank suit. Because the “swimming tank” made of wood or metal are the precursors of our modern swimming pools. The Tankini is an another relative of tank tops. This women’s swimwear is made up of a tank top and a bikini and is a smart alternative to the classic one-piece swimsuit. In addition to water sports, tank tops are used for men and women in other sports. So, bodybuilders use this tops, because this their muscles are particularly well. This special variant is called also muscle shirt. Due to the great freedom of movement the arm free tops are also in cycling at the tennis or athletics popular and appreciated,.

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The Widest Collection of Tall Jeans with All Rises

Jeans for everyday

The triumph of denim pants for both men and women can be seen. The emigration brought the jeans as sturdy work pants made of durable denim in the United States. There, they enjoy great popularity among farmers, workers and gold miners. In the 1950s, young people rebel against authority and constricting traditions. The jeans as a symbol of freedom and independence are now long also socially acceptable for ladies and gentlemen. Many well-known designers design their own collections. Women’s jeans are popular worldwide as a reliable companion in everyday life, leisure and professional, and are appreciated by women, men and children.


Fashionable women’s jeans for every figure type
for long women’s jeans are clever all-rounders. With them, you can create a casual leisure outfit as well as elegant business wear. Through the large selection of different styles, jeans pants for women are very flexible. They offer the right model for every figure type. Women’s jeans with stretch are particularly comfortable. They adapt perfectly to the body shapes and offer high levels of comfort. Skinny jeans are perfect for long, slender legs. Their tight, form-fitting shape looks seductive and sexy. Long jeans for ladies are very popular especially with slightly flared legs. This boot-cut style fits well with the boots, but also great to carry to sandals or sneakers.


You will find a wide range of different women’s jeans in attractive shapes and colors
No matter what size you need, you pay always same price. Compose a chic outfit for the warm season with women’s long jeans and a sexy top or make your winter outfit with jeans and short coat. Also, women’s jeans are simply comfortable from the range. It is easy to find the right women’s pants online through different body heights and the comfortable division. In addition to long women’s jeans, the online shop offers a wide range of 7/8 jeans, jeans shorts and jeans skirts. Now browse the jeans offer and discover your favorite of women’s jeans in current colors and washes it!