How to Make a Nail Art in a Heart Shape


We women love to show a look nice not only with regard to clothing, the combination of colors, or the haircut, but also with regard to our nails. In fact, these are, in most part of the cases, the body part which is most exposed and therefore it is important to take care of it. A great decoration that will cause the appearance of our hands proves taken care of is definitely a beautiful nail art. This type of decoration can be made ​​to our beautician or created by us in the house, with simple tools. Below we will explain how to make a nail art in the shape of heart.

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20 Animals Decorated Nail Designs Ideas

Of decorated animal nail designs are a trend in the world of manicure. All we want to decorate our nails with motifs that reflect our tastes and passions, and it is no secret that women love animals. No matter what your favorite animal, there are multiple designs to choose and make your nails a celebration of the fauna of our beautiful planet. Thinking about this, we wanted today to bring you these 20 animals decorated nail designs ideas. Continue reading 20 Animals Decorated Nail Designs Ideas