How to Dress Sustainable During Pregnancy

How can has gone the entrance to 2017? I hope that very well! Truth, with its more and with minuses… but in general, very happy (how I will not be happy with the panzote that I have!). And precisely on the panzote that I’ve been going to this post… And the other day my friend Monica, of Moves To Slow Fashion, sustainable fashion platform told me that blog am not speaking much of my pregnancy and fashion for pregnant women. Continue reading How to Dress Sustainable During Pregnancy

WEEK Maternity (V): Adaptations/Tuenos Clothing

Today, the day is dedicated to the tune or adaptations of clothes that we have in the cupboard to take advantage of them during pregnancy.
Today the collaborations are in charge of…

that no longer require presentations because you know them more than leftovers, lol Continue reading WEEK Maternity (V): Adaptations/Tuenos Clothing

Best Shirt for Breastfeeding

Those who already have experience with breastfeeding, or if the is doing these days, will understand how difficult it is to stick to its bosom baby when you’re out and about. Because very (too) often, apart from a few exceptions, there are no bars or shops family friendly and, consequently, nurse becomes awkward for mom, who often, quite rightly, did not want to strip naked in public and is forced to return home or to leave for nothing.

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Maternity Tops

Maternity tops by bridgat

A pregnant woman should let go everything with much calm, pampered and treat yourself to something in particular. Thanks to the extensive range of maternity wear, expectant mothers nine months unlimited fashion anticipation enjoy. Women can dress modern also in pregnancy and look great.


Tops the maternity clothes are not only comfortable and beautiful, but also functional.
The future Mommy’s make fashionable and chic pregnancy fashion online a very good figure. By leger and casual about everyday use until to elegant and glamorous women find their very own maternity favorite shell. The range of pregnancy fashion at bridgat includes shirts, blouses, tunics, boleros but also sweaters, coats and jackets. The selected range of exclusive maternity wear online rounds off the extensive repertoire of pregnancy fashion tops for festive occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or other celebrations.

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