Urinary Incontinence in Pregnancy

There is much talk in the little annoyances of pregnancy: heartburn, swollen feet, pain in the legs and in the column, constant urge to go to the bathroom…and with this desire, the chance of small “accidents” of urine escape. Although cause embarrassment and shame in women, urinary incontinence is common in that period: 40% of pregnant women reported some degree of incontinence during the nine months. But why is this so common in pregnancy, and how to decrease the discomfort? You will find in today’s post. Continue reading Urinary Incontinence in Pregnancy

Pregnancy Surprise … What to Do?

Surprise Pregnancy, what to do? Difficult to answer. Because every woman has a story and a context. What to one is pure joy (even caught off guard!), to another can be sadness, fear, loneliness. Imagine then conceive of the third child, without waiting, and if-pa-ra-da??? A reader work with us and asked for help. A complicated situation, which made me want to give her a hug, and also call someone more “specialized” to give an opinion.

Hello beautiful I really liked what I read on your blog!
I wanted to share a little of what I’ve been through and it hasn’t been easy. I have 23 years, I’m a mom of two princesses, Ana Clara (6) and Ana Julia (3), and found q’m pregnant about 5 weeks! I’m desperate! Because I’ve always dreamed of having a boy! But not now, because I’m unemployed and I’m separated, and I know very well how hard it is to play the role of father and mother. But I also know that I should have been more careful, since I didn’t want to, and gave soft. But yet to complete, I have past hurt like never before, my head hurts too much, I can’t get out of bed that all wheel, dizziness, low blood pressure … It’s all very difficult, off the mixture of feelings: fear, shame, and I can’t rejoice with this pregnancy. I think it’s more for the situation, because I know q son’s blessing from God! But it’s been very hard to accept, I feel alone because he couldn’t tell anyone, even family, for fear of judgment. I’m tormented!

Damn … Instead of saying anything, I just want to convey all the good energy for you. And you want to take it easy, wisdom and patience get this baby with great joy! Now, who’s going to speak, or rather, who answered everything and a bit more about this kind of situation was the Darshana Fernanda Siqueira da Silva, a psychologist who helped us better understand the famous Baby Blues. If you know more moms who are going through or have been through something, share!

By Aline …

The gestation period is of course seen, regarding emotional aspects, as a period of crisis. That says a lot. Right now, it’s very natural that the crisis arises related to identity, because it assumed a new role, among the many that you already had.

Crises are times when live everything very ambivalent, i.e. opposite feelings are in a great dance … Sometimes women feel happy, sometimes sad and everything is natural. In pregnancy, the hormones help a lot in this apparent mismatch emotional, that’s why women often feel that they are “going crazy”. Continue reading Pregnancy Surprise … What to Do?

Dripped Today Cardigans and False Eyelashes

Hello good afternoon, was for me to be posting some things late, but behold, pingaram two packs today, so I have to show you.

Well these things were made in November and arrived just today, I think it’s getting the record delay lol among all my shopping. Good and what came in those two packages were cardgans 2 and 3 boxes of false eyelashes.

Continue reading Dripped Today Cardigans and False Eyelashes