Miami Sunset of the Apothecary

Can you imagine doing a fashion show where the focus is the makeup? Well, O Boticário thought. And last Wednesday, June 13, the brand opened the day of parades in the biennial’s Ibirapuera and presented their bets for the next season of a unusual way. A pioneer in the country when it comes to “fashion show makeup”, the company brought to the walkway to the main fashion week of Latin America a beach atmosphere and glamour, well Miami Beach style.

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How to Make Purple Makeup?

It’s amazing how women love makeup, is to go to party, work, etc. ride are always lush, you have some that to sleep and wake up rouged and are never seen with a straight face. So much so that a movement arose a few days ago on the social networks make for the brave who had the courage to post a photo without makeup.

There makeup of various colors and styles and purple makeup is undoubtedly the trend of the time. Do not think that it is used only for emos and goths, no! Purple makeup looks good with all skin types and in various occasions. For those who have lighter skin can use a more pulled purple to lilac or darker, and black women is well more open tones.

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