Xperia Z3 Cases

The Xperia Z3 was launched by Sony in Brazil in 2014, and can be bought for prices starting at $ 2,375 in the dual-chip version. The cell phone has a 5.2-inch Full HDscreen (1920 x 1080 pixels) and is available in black and white, but has already had silver and copper versions. To personalize your phone, you can invest in a cover, be it a sturdy, waterproof or even flip top model.  Continue reading Xperia Z3 Cases

Availability Info for Iphone, Ipad and Co

Back in the day business
The boss returns from his vacation and throws himself immediately for the worthy readership in the purgatory of the Apple delivery problems. Not only the well-known toys such as the iPad and iPhone continue to inspire the potential customers, but also the latest innovations presented last week join the apple portfolio. How does it look at Cyberport, first the positive news from the desktop front.

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Water Resistant, 2 Apple Watch Gets GPS and Faster Processor

Device remains connected at up to 50 meters deep and can inform location even when the user is not with the iPhone

The Smart Watch Apple Watch Series 2 was presented at the beginning of the month during the presentation of the iPhone 7 and update of operating systems of the manufacturer. Available in aluminum or stainless steel, the device has gained a lot of buzz, but follows with high price. According to the company Web site, the most basic versions of the device leave by R $2,199. Continue reading Water Resistant, 2 Apple Watch Gets GPS and Faster Processor

Iphone Case Uses Phone Radiation to Alert about Calls

Every now and then a text or another appears on TV or on the Internet alerting the world to the dangers of using a cell phone. When you receive a call or SMS, the magnetic field around your device becomes more intense, resulting in a kind of radiation coming from the device. Continue reading Iphone Case Uses Phone Radiation to Alert about Calls

Applemews: Iprod=Tablet Mac?

Also: Updates, iTunes 9, Snow Leopard finished?
When does something change? I always report on rumors, speculation and about people who are supposed to be very confident in their predictions. Dear Apple-Designer in California: If you happen to be here, of course, I will go out of it: Please, please give us something handfestes! I finally want to know exactly what the Apple netbook, tablet or whatever else you do in your blacksmiths. But no, nothing happens. Apart from a few version and driver updates. There are rumors almost more interesting… Continue reading Applemews: Iprod=Tablet Mac?

Iphone Apps Tested-Part 3

79 cents, useful investment ?!
As part of a small series, I would like to present some iPhone OS apps that have two things in common: on the one hand, they are a real software bargain with a price of around 79 cents, on the other hand they are supposed to make the everyday life of a technology geek considerably easier. Whether an investment of less than one euro really pays off will be shown. On the other hand, has not everyone already bought something useful in a Euro store? This time: “Staumelder” and “WordRoll-DE German/English Translation Dictionary”. Continue reading Iphone Apps Tested-Part 3

The Iphone Launch of the Iphone 3g S

Official information from T-Mobile
Currently, the inclined buyer of the new iPhone 3G S in Germany by the exclusive provider has no further details, on the website of T-Mobile, there is currently only the possibility to sign up for a newsletter. At fscklog , on the other hand, there are the more or less public information and assumptions about pricing and pricing. We can partially confirm this as part of the T-Mobile contract. Continue reading The Iphone Launch of the Iphone 3g S

Watched: Game Center in IOS 4.1

Let the games begin…
As early as April 2010, Apple had shown through the iOS 4 preview that they wanted to pay more attention to the social networks in the future-not with regard to music (which was ultimately realized by iTunes 10 and Ping) But with games. The service should work on the iPhone and iPod touch-friends can play games together and exchange ideas. Continue reading Watched: Game Center in IOS 4.1

Smartphones are as Capable as Wearables to Monitor Our Health

A new study reveals that wearables tend to show more accurate data than our phones

Are smartwatch the best devices for those who want to have an exact knowledge of their physical condition? The instinctive response to this question would lead us to say yes, however, a recent study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania has shown that this is not true in most cases. In fact, the data show that the results it gives us a wearable generally do not tend to be better than we can also get our smartphone.

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OS X Yosemite: Handoff Bridges Gap Between iPhone and Mac

OS X Yosemite Connects iPhone to Mac

The new operating system for the Mac, OS makes it even easier working X Yosemite, with the integrated feature handoff, as handoff connects Mac and iPhone via the network and the devices synchronized with each other. So, you can start writing an E-Mail on the iPhone X Yosemite and handoff with OS for example and then at home on the Mac finish.

Apple according to handoff makes one thing above all when the OS X Yosemite: it strengthens the continuity between the iPad, iPhone, and Mac. It does not need this much: order handoff is activated the iPhone or the iPad and the Mac must reside in the same network. Handoff is activated as soon as you approach him with an activated iPhone or iPad. The advantage of the handoff from OS X Yosemite: you can continue what you started on your iPad or iPhone, on the Mac, if you want to – switch the device for example, if you go at home finished wants to write the E-Mail started with the iPhone on the way home on the Mac. With handoff, you can do even more, because the function of OS X Yosemite works too with documents and with SMS – Apple calls this the “continuity”-function.

Synchronize Apple Devices Even Easier with Handoff

With handoff in the new OS can you finished email X Yosemite not only on the Mac, you can present all its MMS and SMS to all its Apple devices. Handoff synchronizes all devices in the network using iOS 8 or OS X Yosemite in the following applications: mail, Safari, keynote, numbers, messages, maps, pages, calendar, contacts, and memories. You can phone with handoff on his Mac, and using the computer as a speakerphone. Applies also here: the whole thing works, as soon as the iPhone is on the same network as the Mac.

Lust on a new iPhone, so that you can try out the OS X Yosemite and handoff too soon? There’s the iPhone 5S with a mobile financing, where you even can choose the amount of the monthly rate you!