10 Looks With Hoodie Super Estilosos!

We’re already in the fall, and in many cities in Brazil, it’s already a little cold, right?! Today’s post is about how to wear a hoodie-the classic hooded sweatshirt, as well as the college face-in super-stylish day-to-day looks. After all, it’s super warm and comfortable, perfect for this season! If Hoodie was once synonymous with staying at home all day clothes, now it has conquered the streets and looks of fashionistas, especially if mixed with super stylish pieces or in smart overlays. Continue reading 10 Looks With Hoodie Super Estilosos!

Guide to Buying Men’s Hoodie

Why ten hoodies? Because I just spent the evening to list a lot and that we must make a selection at a time. (edit: in the end there’s nothing 10 too bad but, I put this title to kind I’m organized – Editor’s NOTE: now if )

You will see that a hoodie is not necessarily a simple hooded sweatshirt used as pajamas.

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