Wooden Shelves for Books, Room, Photos, Tips


  1. How to use wooden shelves in the decoration
  2. Where to buy wooden shelves?

There’s always people prefer to buy complete furniture to decorate, but the wooden shelves are a simple solution for small environments and great for use in decorating. The low cost makes the item well inviting to decorate small spaces, a practical solution for organizing your items in the home and let your life faster on peak days, when picking up an object in shelf is a lot more room in a closet. For interior decoration is an excellent cost benefit.

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Ideas for Decorating the House with Vintage Mirrors

Continuing with the ideas for decorating the House with old elements, this time with vintage mirrors. We can follow the line of distinctive architecture of our House and marks it with beautiful vintage mirrors to highlight it in an original way.

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The Best Wallpaper for Your Room

Charming and elegant, the wallpapers are fundamental when it comes to interior decoration.If the room in question is the bedroom, the wallpapers can offer the most diverse options for all tastes.The wallpaper of the bedroom may have the function of creating a contrast with the rest of the decor or simply complementing it.It’s the client’s choice.Increasingly interesting and presenting absolutely different patterns, the wallpapers reach almost the status of a work of art inside the room. Continue reading The Best Wallpaper for Your Room

Adhesive Vinyl Posters: New Designs

In TeleAdhesivo we put at the disposal of our customers the best products and the best designs in vinyl wall. We update our catalog frequently to make it possible to find novel designs and with references to the present day. Our latest additions are a few posters in vinyl adhesive with a lot of different drawings that you will love. Continue reading Adhesive Vinyl Posters: New Designs

How to Clean Outdoor Rug with Mildew

Outdoor rugs of bridgat for an attractive outdoor area

In the bridgat online-shop a large selection of stylish carpets and other tasteful home furnishings is now for your home – and that at wonderfully low prices. An absolute trend that stretches over several seasons away, outdoor are carpets. Continue reading How to Clean Outdoor Rug with Mildew

Classic Carpet and Interiors

Classic carpets for timeless elegance in your home

Classic rugs from bridgat give each of your rooms a stylish shine and complete your decor. Classical carpets in Oriental style and modern interpretations of timeless classics – here in the shop a huge selection of rugs for every taste awaits you. Continue reading Classic Carpet and Interiors

Couch Cushion Cover Ideas

Cosy cushions by bridgat

Cushion serve not only as head pad at bedtime. You encourage children to the game, for example in the construction of Pillow castles or exciting pillow fights. The probably largest pillow fight took place in June 2006, when 200 people in Jena after the battle of Auerstedt. the first pillow fight Championship in New York was held in 2011, the so-called “pillow fight”. But cushions are suitable not only for sitting and as a projectile. Continue reading Couch Cushion Cover Ideas

How to Make a Reclaimed Dining Table

The dining table – meeting place for the whole family

The dining table is one of the central points in house or apartment. Here gathered the whole family already in the morning and starts together after breakfast strengthened in the day. In the evening the members of the family at the dining table meet again to let alone and with a delicious dinner Revue through the day.

The food in the circle of love is more beautiful, the dining table should be stylish and functional. In the bridgat online shop you will find several dining tables that fit your individual design.

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How to Hang a Roman Shade

The Roman shade – easy to use and powerful effect

A home lives of its inhabitants as well as its furniture and accessories. These include rugs and bedspreads, cushion covers and Slipcovers, curtains and Roman blinds. BPC living, but also exclusive collections like the designer Harald present especially our brand Glööckler the modern Roman shade in a wide selection for every room. Continue reading How to Hang a Roman Shade

Modern Carpets for Living Room

Modern rugs – the current living trends on bridgat.com

Modern rugs are a vital part of a modern and stylish facility and give your home a warm and cosy atmosphere. Be in the bridgat surprised online shop of the many designs we have in store for you at wonderfully low prices. Current patterns, until hin to trendy high pile carpets, here you will find modern rugs according to your taste. Continue reading Modern Carpets for Living Room

How to Stop Shaggy Rug from Shedding

Shaggy rugs – fashionable living trends on bridgat.com

As well as tasteful furnishings, home textiles play an equally important role in the success of a stylish décor of your home. With a deep pile carpet, protect not only against cold feet on frosty winter days, but also create a distinctive warm and cosy atmosphere only a few steps in your home. Now browse the latest collection of our stylish deep pile carpets in the bridgat online store and order your favorite design today!

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Kilim Rug Living Room

Kilim rugs – online now discover

You let yourself be inspired by our wide range of beautiful Kilim rugs, such as from 1001 night. The original source of this trendy home accessories is located in the today’s Iran and Afghanistan, where the Kilim carpets of nomads were used as floor and wall embellishment, and seat carpets. Arrived in the here and now, you have to wait no more, how long time, for months on your gem; because you can order easily and conveniently your new Kilim carpet from the couch with just a few clicks home. Continue reading Kilim Rug Living Room