Dripped Today Cardigans and False Eyelashes

Hello good afternoon, was for me to be posting some things late, but behold, pingaram two packs today, so I have to show you.

Well these things were made in November and arrived just today, I think it’s getting the record delay lol among all my shopping. Good and what came in those two packages were cardgans 2 and 3 boxes of false eyelashes.

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How to Apply Makeup to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Hello girls! After show you so many news this week, it is high time that we put a new post of beauty. How long will I not leave makeup tricks, today I’ll talk about on a subject that is that interested many, how to get our eyes look larger. Getting it is not difficult if you follow the tips that I will leave you here. With a little practice, you can soon boast big eyes.
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How to Care for Your Skin at the 30, 40,50

It is not true and it is only a myth that, we can stop aging. Your skin has changes with the age that you can never stop. Even so your can and is in your hands to make those effects be noticed less, considering some tips How to care for your skin to the 30, 40, 50 to keep you healthy skin. Continue reading How to Care for Your Skin at the 30, 40,50

Eyeliner Mistakes to Avoid

Apply eyeliner you seem an impossible task? We have collected the most common mistakes and tips from make-up artist celeb like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian to make a perfect line. Now the eye make-up will have no secrets for you
When it is at its best eyeliner perfectly it defines your eyes by calling attention to one of the most fascinating parts of your face. If you apply it wrong, you could find yourself with a make-up that is all, but not nice. It should never be so. Patrick Ta, make-up artist celeb like Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Shay Mitchell, explains to you why your line is likely to look like a disaster and gives you some valuable suggestions to be impeccable. You are ready? Continue reading Eyeliner Mistakes to Avoid

Pink Smokey Eye Makeup

Next season takes on the colors of spring, with saturated shadows, little blurred and pastel nuances like pink and lilac, characterized by opaque or slightly satin finish, just like the Pink Smokey Eye, the new makeup trend that creates a brightening effect on the eyes and fair skin.

By now we were accustomed to the classic black smokey, always trendy, able to give a very sensual and provocative touch to the eye, but with the arrival of summer black leaves the stage to make way for the rose, more feminine and romantic, to be used on all occasions, from beach parties to less mundane events like a business appointment.

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How to Do Makeup in Summer

The summer continues with full force and the days are getting hotter.

And this time of year, the temperature is highest, many women are in doubt in time to make the makeup since it is not easy to keep the make intact.

This is common because the heat stimulates sebum production, leaving the skin more oily and yet dilates the pores.

The good news is that there are some makeup tricks that can help you leave your make of summer warm and fuzzy!

That’s just taking some care before starting the makeup and choose the right products for your skin and hottest station of the year.

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