Super Tips

Don’t know how to set up your first specimen? Read these 12 tips…

Decided! Will hold your dream and become a reseller (a) semi jewels, but you don’t know how to set up your first specimen? After talking with a lot of (the) resellers (the) newbies (as) with the same question, I thought I’d write this article and tell you of time as mount a bombastic showcase! Continue reading Super Tips

How to Assemble Your Bracelet?

Step 1: Choose Your Bracelet

If you still do not have it, choose your bracelet. Many people use several in the same arm or mix materials, for example: you can have a silver bracelet and another colored leather, it looks beautiful! Here on the site of Amo Berloque you also find gold bracelets and trinkets, which are harder to find.

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Christmas in Access Fashion Finds

There is no doubt how the accessories are the Belle of the ball. Never been so talked about and you want to have a nice piece to give up the look.Proof of this is that no one resists a showcase with a striking piece, right? And with Christmas here, a good tip for gift giving is to buy an item that can make the joy of your sister, friend, or even your. Continue reading Christmas in Access Fashion Finds

Who Has the Choice, the Spoilt

The team by Annette Lucka’s Goldsmith with you on treasure hunt

Dear customers and customers,

This year, the latest trends in the areas of housing, set up, gifts, fashion, textiles and jewellery at the well-attended exhibition “Tendence” in Frankfurt am Main awaited us. For you we have made us on the way to find the latest highlights from the jewelry scene. Continue reading Who Has the Choice, the Spoilt

From Trash to Luxury in The Minas Trend

They say the bad tongues that newspapers and old magazines serve only to wrap fish. Big mistake! These materials can lead to maxi super worked necklaces, belts, bracelets and what else the imagination to ask. Proof of this are the pieces presented by the Cooperative Futurarteduring the 12th edition of the Minas Trend, which takes place this week in Expominas, in Belo Horizonte. Continue reading From Trash to Luxury in The Minas Trend

Prints, Silver Bracelets and Accessories: How to Use?

Printed clothes convey the joy and the personality of who uses. In a tropical country like Brazil, betting on pieces with pattern and color mix is very common. However, with so many options and accessories for mounting the look, it’s hard to know how to combine everything without looking like a human coat hanger. And that goes for anyone who can’t live without jewels, too, the kind that needs one or more silver bracelets on his wrist. Continue reading Prints, Silver Bracelets and Accessories: How to Use?

Delicate Dream in Pink and Gold Bracelets

Can you capture Christmas mood in a piece of jewelery? One can! In shimmering candle-shades, the bracelets of our site from gilded sterling silver play around the wrist. The delicate rose gold conjures a warm glow to the skin and flatters every complexion. Combined with gold or silver, this timelessly beautiful color is currently so trendy that it belongs to every jewelery case. Friends of mine just chose their wedding rings in this color and it just looks great. Continue reading Delicate Dream in Pink and Gold Bracelets

How to Properly Style Bracelets

* Sponsored post – a small story about my new bracelet-love.

I’m just really in love – with a bracelet: a few days ago, four new bracelets enrich my base coat. Actually I wanted to get only one or two bracelets, to complement my favourite silver Bangle for an attractive jewelry set. Then the Danish brand Nirbana addressed me soul about an advertising partnership, after a short search on their Web site it had happened to me. Now I’m wearing my new arm jewelry, who designed not only here in Europe, but is made under fair working conditions with joy. Because in addition to my penchant for scarves, flashy jewelry at the wrist is one of my Timeless style Favorites. Why? Because you bracelets set not only stylistically but also figured shine. You will learn how you typ – and figure just styling your arm jewelry, today in my 5 fashion tips for bracelets. Continue reading How to Properly Style Bracelets