Zara and Her Collection ZXM for Athletes

Surprised I was when a few days investigating the latest received garments in my Zara usual and found myself with a new section in which everything was black and yellow squeaky. It was the new ZXM collection for men, in which the signing of Inditex incorporates a number of special items to make sport, made mostly in polyester. Continue reading Zara and Her Collection ZXM for Athletes

What is Freestyle Football

Freestyle soccer is a creative sport, mainly engaged in technology, creativity, style and control that you have over the ball. Freestyle football is all about tricks you can play with a ball, only the hands are not used. But it started with the art of keeping a ball in the air, head, knee or foot, but now has become a downright hype with the sharpest acrobatics will be removed. Freestyle football is characterized by tricks that participants with the ball can play.Freestyle football has absolute agreement with juggling a ball, but it is of course focused on football, making Freestyle adds an extra dimension to the usual football. A good freestyler through many ways can play in goal. It is a hugely popular sport around the world and basically an extension of the sport of soccer.

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Stockings for Women

Look forward to stylish women’s stockings

Shows your feet – to wear fashionable women’s stockings from bridgat, that is no problem. But the best thing is, with warm stockings, you have no more cold feet. So now you can find a wide range of socks for ladies in different versions here: flat stockings that match any outfit, it offers also colorful patterned models, which guarantees your mood in the Garcia winter lift. You can also order here also stockings from reputable manufacturers such as adidas, Nike, Puma and HIS in the online-shop.

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