Step-by-step Pregnancy Week 31

Entered the final stage of your pregnancy, there are now 9 weeks and 63 days, the body begins to prepare for childbirth, can begin to feel the contractions training calls or braxton Hicks, these have a duration of about 30 to 60 seconds, are rhythmic and are irregular when the feel should seek to change position and rest. Another mod that can start to feel it in your chest is the output of a little liquid, called colostrum.

It is normal to start feeling increased anxiety, the fear of childbirth or the desire to see your baby can be the main causes.

Development of the baby

At 31 weeks gestation the arms, the legs and the body of the baby are of a more proportional size relative to the size of your head. It weighs about 1.5 kilo and measures about 41 cm.

From now on will no longer feel big movements of the baby with maxi dress, the available space is smaller and it has less space to make great skills.

Your baby’s lungs are the only systems that are not yet fully formed and ready for life outside the womb, in the case of your baby to be born before the time threatening will be necessary to give injections to speed up the ripening of the lungs.

The pregnant at 31 weeks

At this point the pregnant can feel heavier and swollen, you may still notice a decrease in your mood and an increase of fatigue at this stage is normal fat about 500 grams per week.

The uterus may be pushing the diaphragm toward the lungs and may experience some difficulties in breathing and sleeping, try to find a comfortable position. Breathe deeply several times and keep calm.