Sony IMX377CQT: All Possible Details of the Nexus Camera 6 p

In the last few hours we got to know all the technical details of the Nexus 6 p thanks to a document published on the net and found this article | Nexus 6 p: pictures, features and battery from 3450mAh | New details Camera |. Among the main innovations are the photographic sector which has been improved over the current Nexus 6 megapixel level though it changes nothing, on the contrary, the camera is from 12.3 MP rear coupled with a 8MP Front (1.55 μM, F 2.0/1.4 μM FF).

The technical data are however interesting and doing an internet search, we saw that the sensor used by Huawei and Google may be the Sony IMX377CQT which allows to make photos in 4:3 massimo 12.35 MP and 9.3 MP in 17:9.

A perspective that also allows you to record in 4 k at 60 fps and to slow motion video up to 720 p 300FPS although these data may be confirmed by the Nexus 6 p camera software as they are a maximum attainable from the objective but that should still be supported side software (which is anyway likely).

For the technically minded, here are the technical details of Sony IMX377CQT.

Huawei Nexus 6 p is available online at 517 euros. The price is decent but there are few better models.