Simply Home Yankee Candle Autumn Pumpkin

The days are getting shorter and the nights longer, it means that come the autumn. And if for many this time of year is associated with sleet, rain and moisture, there is still a lot to love this “incredible beauty”. What a wonderful picture painted fallen leaves or the golden color of the trees around. Do you desire to bring the beauty of autumn in your home? We offer an idea for an easy autumn decoration. The central element of the whole composition will be an ordinary branch will easily become a candlestick for tea lights. Walking in the woods or in the park, choose a relatively thick branch of a tree that would fit into your interior. The selected part of you must be dry and free of any insects. You can leave it in its original form, with bark and moss and can handle it a little bit, peel the rind, cover it with varnish or paint. Then do some drill holes the size of a tea candles.

Your basis autumn composition is ready! Even without additional decoration branch – candlestick looks perfect, creating a home romantic autumn mood and soft, warm glow. Yet add the branch – candlestick yellow-red maple leaves, pine cones, decorative squash, autumn apples, blueberries and other natural gifts of nature! This candle will please you and your loved ones in the upcoming colder days, bringing comfort and light in the house!