Silver Earrings Purple Flower

These small violet flower silver earrings with natural pearl is unique and was handcrafted. It has the shape of the violet flower and each petal was satin one by one, handmade. Therefore, it presents a special and unique brightness of an illuminated violet flower. In the center is a natural freshwater pearl, also known as baroque pearl. As the meaning of the Violet Flower is loyalty and therefore, this jewelry is indicated to symbolize the friendship and can be used on special occasions. Therefore, if you like unique, sophisticated and differentiated jewelry, these earrings are the ideal gift.

Silver Earrings Purple Flower – Technical Description


This silver earring is manufactured with 925 Silver, so it does not rust.

In our jewelry, we use only Sterling silver or 925 silver, that is, metal alloys that have 92.5% silver or more. When the jewelry has 92.5% silver, the specification will have the specification “925 silver” and when the alloy is composed of 95% silver, the specification will be “silver 950”.

Each petal has been carefully hand crafted so that its luster is glossy. The texture and shine are unique and highlight the flower of the jewel very well.


This earring does not have a bath and, therefore, presents the beautiful color characteristic of silver.


The pearl is produced by mollusks (oysters, for example), so it is an organic gem. The pearl used in this ring is freshwater, which makes it more special. Because it is a limestone and natural substance, it requires extra care to be preserved, like all natural pearls.


The photo model is 1.70 m and 67 kg approximately.

Brasiliana Jewelry – Secure Shopping

We issue invoice for 100% of purchases. During the shipping process you will receive emails with updates to your order. Our jewels are delivered by the Post Office and included in the freight price is insurance. In this way, if your order is lost, we will refund 100% of the value of the order or replace it with another jewel of our store, if you prefer.

All the jewels accompany our gift packaging specially developed to delight. This is our way of thanking for preference. =)

Besides the packaging, our jewelry accompanies the Brasiliana Guarantee, which is eternal for silver and you still have 30 days to exchange. The first (first) exchange is free. You can read more information in the Swap and Return session.

Silver Earrings Purple Flower – Valuable Tips

Like all jewelry, this silver earring requires special care according to SCIENCEDICT. If well cared for, it lasts a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation. One of the most important tips for preserving your silver jewelry is to always wipe it off after use with a dry cloth. Avoid falls and contact with chemicals and moisture. You can read more information in the Valuable Tips session.